Signs from Spirit are all around us as our loved ones send us messages to let us know they have made it to the other side. I had a dear friend who was diagnosed with lung cancer. She was a client who turned into a dear friend. From the day I met Jennifer, she became personal to me. Her spirit, her beauty always transcended beyond words but most important I would come to know her inner strength, and what she had put into others that will be forever etched in my heart.

The month of February has always been a hard month for me because I have experienced a lot of loss. Jennifer fought the hard fight through the end.  I had gotten the call from her mother who informed me that Jen was near her end and that she had reached hospice care. Her family made arrangements for Jen to leave the hospital and to be taken home where she could pass away comfortably.

Every day her sweet mother kept me informed on Jen and I always kept her and her family in my prayers. On February 19th I had such a hectic schedule at my office seeing clients. My last client came at 5 o’clock. As I was conducting my session with my client I saw a man stepping forward, a grandfather type.  I started to describe this male spirit in detail. My client was so happy she jumped up with excitement and said, “That’s my grandfather! Oh I was hoping he would come through!” I proceeded with relaying the message, then the next spirit came through. This time I saw a woman in a jogging outfit with bright pink jogging shoes and she is running with sheer happiness and such strength. pink gym shoes

Pink Gym Shoes a Sign from Spirit

I am only seeing the back of this woman as I described what she was doing to my client. I knew this woman was in her late thirties or early forties. She was letting me know she passed from cancer and she was free. She was happy and she ran fast into the light to let her know she was okay. My client replied, “There is no one that fits that description that I know.” I kept asking, “Is it a friend? Someone perhaps your mother or your family knew?” She answered, “No. I’m sorry I don’t know this person.” I apologized but kept seeing the back of this person. I continued on with her reading which was a beautiful one for her. I said my goodbyes, picked up my belongings and headed to my car.

I had played back my voicemails and a dear friend had left a message stating that Jennifer had passed. I started to cry, and all of a sudden Jen appeared to me and said, “It took you long enough! It was me!  I tried to show you I made it to the other side. I remember when you said, when you see the light run to it, and I did.  I am whole again and I can run again.” Jennifer was a marathon runner and when she got sick she no longer could run. The reading I was giving for my client turned out to be a gift for me; divine spirit is priceless. What Jennifer gave me was truly the peace and validation and the gift I will always be grateful for.

When I went to her wake I was greeted by her two beautiful daughters who truly take after their mother. I told them about their mother coming through and told them what she said about the pink gym shoes. They smiled and were overjoyed. They told me they had their mom dressed in a jogging suit and she was wearing pink gym shoes in the casket. Wow!

Jen is not here in a physical sense but her spirit lives on and is always here looking after all of us. We must always remember when our loved ones pass they do show us signs. It can be in dreams, we can hear a favorite song, a smell, find feathers or find coins. These signs come when we need or miss them the most so tune into the signs from Spirit that are all around you; they are there. I am so grateful for the gift that has been bestowed on me and will be eternally grateful to be the messenger each and every day. I learn every day through my clients and the divine spirit. I take nothing for granted and I am grateful for everything.

Much love

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You never know just when you will receive a daily reminder of the gift of gratitude.  I have often received messages for myself from my angels. Last night would be just that. When I was sleeping I had a most unusual dream and there were actual life events that had happened to me that came back to me but was played back like a movie in dream form.

The year was 1990. I was pregnant with my daughter.  I had a very high risk pregnancy. I spent three quarters of my pregnancy in the hospital on and off during my nine months. There were many times I thought not only might I would lose my baby, but I wouldn’t make it myself. When I was four months pregnant, I was sleeping and when I awoke there was blood all over our bed. I had woken my husband and began to continually vomit nonstop. My husband put me in the car and drove us right away to the hospital. Needless to say, I was in extreme pain and lifeless at the same time. I went into cardiac arrest. I remember when I came to, the machines were hooked onto me. I was feeling like I wanted to die and at the same time thinking I had either lost my baby or was going to.

In my dream, events that I clearly forgotten had been relived. I went back in time to experience and relive that event.

susan rowlen and daughter alexandria rowlen

Susan Rowlen with daughter Alexandria Rowlen

The dream shifted to 1997. Now I’m about to go into surgery to have sinus surgery. While I was under anesthesia, I see myself going up and seeing two angels. Each one was holding one of my arms. Everything was white, from my angel’s robes, with fine gold threading to platinum colored hair. They were taking me up. I asked, “Where are you taking me?” and they each replied, “It’s your time.” I was so startled I began to scream, “Noooo!!! I can’t go with you, I have a six year old down there that needs me. PLEASE LET ME GO!” I began to try to pull away with each of my angels still holding onto me. With that, the nurse was trying to wake me up from the anesthesia. I felt like I was watching It’s A Wonderful Life, and Scrooge all at once. I not only revisited my past, but actually felt all of the emotions, pain and frustration all over again.

Angel Message a Gift of Gratitude

When I woke, it put everything into perspective. We all get caught up in the everyday chaos of the world. We rush, we get tired, we are so robotic day after day and I realized what a gift of gratitude my angels gave me, a dream of truth had revisited me.

Everything was so much clearer; my angels provided me with the emotions and feelings I once felt that had subsided. That morning I had an early call at my Oak Brook office. When I began to shower I thanked my sweet angels for the messages they had presented me. I got dressed but before I left, I told my husband what I had experienced and he listened to me with great compassion and told me what a beautiful message I received. It reminded me to really be thankful. 

We all appreciate a great gift of gratitude for our children, but to get these emotions and be able to go back in time and live in these moments were priceless. Before heading to work, I went to my daughter’s room where she was sleeping. I entered quietly watching her sleep and kissed her goodbye and proceeded to go to work. My spirit once again had been awakened, my angels truly gave me a gift, a gift of true emotions, along with my near death experiences. Since then I have always come to acknowledge my angels for all the answers they provide me, all the protection they give. But most of all the love they have for me. Thank you for reminding me what’s really important and enjoying not just the simple pleasures, but truly what’s right in front of us the whole time.

Here’s wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Much love
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When it comes to grieving loved ones, positive thinking can be powerful indeed. When a client comes to see me, and they want to connect to a loved one who has passed, I find they are most focused on the trauma, or disbelief of the loved one’s passing. They focus on the pain they feel, or the vision they keep seeing of them as they lay. When a loved one comes to me while in session, they do have messages, and almost always, the loved one does not want my client to feel sad, or focus on how they passed, but wants them to remember the impact they had, and have those good memories.

Your emotions do control your thoughts, what you are feeling controls your actions. I inform my clients you need to stop spending all your time trying to figure out why this happened, but, to trust that it was his, or her time. Some things are not always meant for us to know the answers to, or understand. You just have to trust, and leave it to a higher power. You need to focus not on the tragedy, but on the life that was spent together.

Don’t let something painful be the focal point of your memories. When you relive the pain every day, you refuse to heal.  When you dwell on the painful experiences in your past, you become stuck in the past, and that makes it impossible to move forward.

The power of your positive thinking is very strong, and always the message is clear. When your loved ones come through, they are happy and at peace, seeing everything that’s going on, and yes, they are always with you. Always!

So the question I propose to you is: Do you want to focus on the day your loved one passed, or choose to remember how they lived?

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What is the journey of the soul after leaving here and crossing over? I am often asked, “What happens to people’s souls when they have behaved badly here on earth?” It depends on what each of us is here to learn. We all have our particular life’s mission, so when we have parents or members of our family that don’t treat us well, know that we signed up for this mission. As the old saying goes, “We can’t pick our family.”  Guess again. We do.

The big question is why? One reason is to give that parent or child a chance for self-growth. To step up to the plate or for us to experience what it’s like to be mistreated. The journey of the soul requires experiencing full circle every feeling and what that feels like for our soul. When I’m doing a reading, people’s loved ones come through, and for some their message is truly one of remorse and feeling so sorry for the pain they have caused. There is no pay back on the other side, but a chance to do it again, full throttle and to fully understand. I often say God gets a bad rap. He is not in the habit of punishing us, but to give our souls as many chances as one needs to improve our souls in each lifetime. It’s to learn and be as close to being God-like as possible.

In the end the soul’s mission, the true journey of the soul is always about love and kindness. After crossing over, the first thing we will learn is to experience every feeling– good or bad– what we had done to others on earth, to experience what we have done to them. To truly experience all of the pain and joy we have caused, to understand fully the serious wrongs they had bestowed to someone on earth.  Once that is understood we have peace, love, and forgiveness. There is so more anger; here we carry so much grudge, anger and discomfort.

Upon crossing over, it’s all about love, peace and true understanding. Here we carry our suitcase and it’s filled and overfilled with heavy baggage, of horrible emotions, anxieties, guilt, sadness and regret. We carry this around our whole life. What I try to tell my clients is it’s time to unpack. Once we cross over, our souls not only see but feel the tranquil calm of divine peace and love. There is no more baggage on the other side; there is only tranquil peace!

It’s not the task that’s given, but how you handle the task.

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As the holidays approach, we often spend more time remembering loved ones who’ve passed. Why?  It is because we miss them and we know it’s not the same without them around the holidays. We often feel incomplete and we try to make the best of each passing holiday. But what we don’t understand is not only are they still very much with us and see everything that is going on, they are still sharing in our lives.

So remembering loved ones during holidays is natural.  We think more about our loved ones who have passed because spirits need the emotional or metaphysical energy that’s generated by the living to feel their existence. When you, as a living being, have a high energy day, the spirits are drawn to you by your energy. When we think more about them, they are very much here, so yes, you feel them more and it is very real.

The holidays are a very busy time of year for people to want to connect with their loved ones. It’s because it’s a stronger time of year for remembering loved ones when we are energized by their thoughts that in turn fuel the spirits.  If you have a pet such as a dog or cat and you notice your dog barking at an empty space, or your cat may hiss or arch its back and no one is there, your pet is reacting to a spirit that is very much present.

Connecting to Spirits

I have been seeing and talking to spirits all of my life and have been constantly receiving messages from the other side. I have had people meet with me with pure skepticism of what I do. However, often people have said I was not what they expected. I am told that my readings were so natural and that I am an easy person to talk to making people feel so relaxed. I do not go into a trance and I don’t need other objects with me to be able to read but I am told often how normal I really am.

When I am doing a reading, my clients are always amazed how I am able to describe what their loved ones look like, their likes, dislikes, what they did for a living, if they smoked and I can even smell the smoke. The spirits are able to tell me where lost objects are and also what they see in us. When they are not happy or when they are pleased in what we are doing, they let me know. The answers are all crystal clear. I see the spirits as I see you and I, it’s just that simple.

To get more insight in all directions surrounding your life, about the past, present and future, make it part of your New Year’s resolution to start your New Year off with much more direction and clarity.

Happy holidays and wishing you all a very blessed New Year.

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