birds flying is a sign from Spirit

Signs from Spirit are all around us as our loved ones send us messages to let us know they have made it to the other side. I had a dear friend who was diagnosed with lung cancer. She was a client who turned into a dear friend. From the day I met Jennifer, she became personal to me. Her spirit, her beauty always transcended beyond words but most important I would come to know her inner strength, and what she had put into others that will be forever etched in my heart.

The month of February has always been a hard month for me because I have experienced a lot of loss. Jennifer fought the hard fight through the end.  I had gotten the call from her mother who informed me that Jen was near her end and that she had reached hospice care. Her family made arrangements for Jen to leave the hospital and to be taken home where she could pass away comfortably.

Every day her sweet mother kept me informed on Jen and I always kept her and her family in my prayers. On February 19th I had such a hectic schedule at my office seeing clients. My last client came at 5 o’clock. As I was conducting my session with my client I saw a man stepping forward, a grandfather type.  I started to describe this male spirit in detail. My client was so happy she jumped up with excitement and said, “That’s my grandfather! Oh I was hoping he would come through!” I proceeded with relaying the message, then the next spirit came through. This time I saw a woman in a jogging outfit with bright pink jogging shoes and she is running with sheer happiness and such strength. pink gym shoes

Pink Gym Shoes a Sign from Spirit

I am only seeing the back of this woman as I described what she was doing to my client. I knew this woman was in her late thirties or early forties. She was letting me know she passed from cancer and she was free. She was happy and she ran fast into the light to let her know she was okay. My client replied, “There is no one that fits that description that I know.” I kept asking, “Is it a friend? Someone perhaps your mother or your family knew?” She answered, “No. I’m sorry I don’t know this person.” I apologized but kept seeing the back of this person. I continued on with her reading which was a beautiful one for her. I said my goodbyes, picked up my belongings and headed to my car.

I had played back my voicemails and a dear friend had left a message stating that Jennifer had passed. I started to cry, and all of a sudden Jen appeared to me and said, “It took you long enough! It was me!  I tried to show you I made it to the other side. I remember when you said, when you see the light run to it, and I did.  I am whole again and I can run again.” Jennifer was a marathon runner and when she got sick she no longer could run. The reading I was giving for my client turned out to be a gift for me; divine spirit is priceless. What Jennifer gave me was truly the peace and validation and the gift I will always be grateful for.

When I went to her wake I was greeted by her two beautiful daughters who truly take after their mother. I told them about their mother coming through and told them what she said about the pink gym shoes. They smiled and were overjoyed. They told me they had their mom dressed in a jogging suit and she was wearing pink gym shoes in the casket. Wow!

Jen is not here in a physical sense but her spirit lives on and is always here looking after all of us. We must always remember when our loved ones pass they do show us signs. It can be in dreams, we can hear a favorite song, a smell, find feathers or find coins. These signs come when we need or miss them the most so tune into the signs from Spirit that are all around you; they are there. I am so grateful for the gift that has been bestowed on me and will be eternally grateful to be the messenger each and every day. I learn every day through my clients and the divine spirit. I take nothing for granted and I am grateful for everything.

Much love

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