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Crossing Over: What Happens After Death?

woman crossing over to other side

There is a lot of mystery about the process of loved ones crossing over to the other side. I’m often asked the question, “Is my loved one here and was my loved one happy with the wake or memorial service?” Let me explain just what happens when our loved one passes. First and foremost, our loved ones do not cross into the light until a few days after the burial or memorial service. From the time of the memorial service, the spirit has 72 hours when they can cross into the light. The only exception is when small children and babies pass they are escorted straight into the light by their angels. They don’t wait around. Almost always our loved ones want to attend their wake, funeral or memorial service.

When I go to a wake I always see the deceased laid out with their head to the left and their feet to the right. The deceased is at the foot of the casket because they can hear all the mourners talking and making their comments. They also want to inspect how they look and what they are wearing. They also want to hear and see everything that is going on around them. They are always surprised to know that I see them but if it is someone I know personally they appear to me soon after crossing over and are so happy to see that I came to their wake.

Female spirits usually are nosey and want to hear what everyone is saying around them. The male spirits usually are walking around the funeral home and checking everything out. If someone is cremated they still attend their memorial service. I can remember my daughter and I went to the wake of the mother of her dear friend. As we approached the casket, we saw how pretty she was made up with a mauve colored dress with lace sleeves. I commented to the mother’s daughter how lovely her mother looked and how pretty her dress was. All of a sudden, her mother jumped up in front of me and said, “Yes, the dress is pretty, but the sleeves pinch and if you think I’m going through eternity wearing this dress that pinches, you got another thing coming!” Sometime later I told that story to her daughter and her daughter replied, “You know, when I picked out that dress I knew my mom would never wear it because the sleeves pinched. So I can see her saying this to you.” And then she started laughing with me. I also told her that her mother was so proud and happy how she arranged everything and how proud she was of her. That made her daughter so happy and at peace.

It is also very important to know what your loved ones wishes are because it is important to carry out their wishes. After crossing over, I have been often told of remorse from the deceased of how they wished they made things clearer when they were alive.

Another time my husband and I went to a wake of a good friend of his. The deceased was an avid motorcycle rider who had a Harley. He and my husband were very close and my husband would repair his bike and they would ride together. So it was only fitting that his family brought his bike and parked it outside the funeral home for all to see with his helmet hanging from the handle bar. There was a boy about seven or eight years old touching the bike and you can rest assured that my husband’s friend did NOT like it. He started to scream at him and the energy was so strong that the little boy not only stopped touching the bike, but ran away as well.

The advice I have for all who loses a loved one is, whatever you want to say you should say it because they are truly there and they see and hear everything. So you can rest assured carrying out your loved ones wishes is not only important to them but also will help bring you the peace you so need as well.

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