I sage because it cleanses and purifies the space we are in, removes the negative energies and creates sacred or protected space. You can buy a sage stick, a natural herb of the earth, at a natural food store for example, Whole Foods, or online. Make sure to use a white sage stick specifically because it is most known to purify and protect everything around you and not just a specific object or thing.                               .

Also get a natural made bowl which is called an Abalone shell, which I use, you hold it under the stick to catch the ashes. It is very important to use a natural made item from the earth verses a man made item because sage is a natural herb grown and if you don’t use the proper material it lessens the potency effect.

To start, you begin with lighting the stick and when it catches fire you blow it out gently, and then it starts to smoke. Start to sage throughout each room, and say a prayer of cleansing.

Sage to Remove Negativity

Walk around the room waving the stick so the smoke drifts upward to all the corners in the room. While doing so, say a prayer, “I am cleansing the room of any impurities or negativity that does not belong to the people living here.” As you walk around imagine the smoke absorbing the negativity of all that’s around you and your space shrinking down to nothing.

It’s debated to open all windows and doors while doing this, I find best results when keeping windows and doors closed for two hours and then I open all doors and windows after times passed. After you have saged every room and doorway, smudge in front of you (do this by waving your hand left and right with the stick repeatedly) and walk through the smoke. You just bestowed protection onto yourself.

Visualize the negativity leaving your body out of your home and into the universe. When finished, put the stick out into the bowl gently and stand it upright. When the ashes compile, put the ashes outside into the soil. Ashes need to be returned to the earth and never throw them in the garbage.

So go out and get yourself a sage stick, you can sage every time you feel the need to. You’ll be surprised how much lighter you will feel and how much better you will sleep, happy saging!

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