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Client Reviews

All Comments, Quotes, Opinions, & Statements below are strictly those of the clientele I have served. I have in no way Altered, Edited, Suggested, or Encroached my clients opinions of me or what I do. – Susan Rowlen Psychic Medium


Catlin & GoliathPatched Hole

Hi Susan,
I wanted to thank you again for my reading on Saturday. You saw me and my friend Veronica. I wanted to write a review that you could add to your website in hopes that people will be encouraged to use your services. I just wanted to say that you really hit the nail on the head and knew things nobody else could know. More than anything, you really understood my dog who passed in June and came through in the reading.

You were right. He couldn’t walk in the end, I had to buy him a stroller and he had a lot of trouble breathing. His sickness happened in the duration of exactly 2 months, the number you yourself knew. You reassured me that he is happy and in a good place and that means more than anything to me. You conveyed he was ready to go which I tried so hard to make sure of. You talked about past lives, deceased relatives and gave me wonderful, intuitive information about the present and the future.

I attached a couple pictures of Goliath so you could see him. You called him “Trusty” from Lady and the Tramp and that really was his personality. You said he was following around a little white fluffy dog. Thank you for helping to fix a hole in my heart since his passing.

Sincerely, Caitlin B



Susan –

How can I thank you for the clarity you have brought me – not to mention the connection to those who are so dear to me that have passed. While the entire session was amazing not knowing at all what to expect I would have to say one of the most profound things you shared with me as I was having difficulty with a very significant person in my life was (and I quote): “This is who he/she is. Seeing him/her for who he/she truly is instead of the hopefulness and wishfulness that we so often do. You see when we hope & wish for someone to change or hopefully that they get it ~ we constantly set ourselves up for defeat. In truth, they are incapable of what we are hoping and wishing for. THE SECRET IS to see them truly for who they are ~ no more ~ no less. Because only then can we free ourselves from our own prison of the illusion we are creating.”

OMG is all I have to say about that. To finally get that in my life being raised by someone who always felt people should know better, reasoning why they did this or that – excusing the behavior that was totally unacceptable. How I wish I knew this 20 years ago!!! I am thankful for the awakening. I am thankful for the insight that has shifted my perspective on so many things. I am thankful for the opportunity of spending an hour with you. You are truly an amazing woman and am thankful for knowing you.

Much love always,

Diane M.
(Oak Brook location)



Thank you, Susan! I feel the peace and evolution coming because I believe it. Just after speaking to you today, I have shifted from negativity towards Mark, to peace and love only in my heart for his future, and in the one day after we spoke the indifference I had for him I released, because that is the only way I will be free of him.

I feel like allowing only good feelings is making me feel lighter. I also truly feel like I can trust my instincts about people that do not have good intentions for me. You’re amazing and I’m so grateful God sent you to me. One day I hope you can teach me how to truly channel my intuition to help others too. God bless you, Susan!

Sara D. Chicago, IL



Susan Rowlen is a remarkable woman dedicated to helping others through her genuine and accurate psychic gifts. I recently consulted her regarding a personal question that I had. I had made a choice that on the surface seemed crazy to make however my own intuition had guided me.

I wanted validation of this decision, and consulted Susan. Not only did she immediately understand my situation, she accurately described it and gave reasoning for making the decision I made. The details she gave me were specific and it would not be possible for her to guess or otherwise know.

This validation that I had indeed made the right choice eliminated the doubt and uncertainty I had been feeling, and allowed me to move forward with confidence. A bonus was that she also was able to bring messages to me from relatives who have passed that were both life affirming, consoling and downright funny!

I highly recommend her services. The one hour consultation was well worth the money and I will certainly consult her again in the future if I ever feel or have the need.

Helen G. Chicago, IL


From a client email, that I had to share…Thank You

Hello again Susan,
It is so nice to hear from you again! I can’t tell you how it feels since I have left our session, I cannot stop thinking about everything. I have spent so much time thinking. I feel so good, I feel like you have given me so much clarity and understanding. I really needed that! It is so nice to hear about my soul, and who I was in previous lives, I’ve never given much thought to that but this is what has helped me to understand who I am and why my life is what it is.

I went out and bought white stick sage, I bought an abalone shell and ‎I read your articles. I feel lighter, better, I feel like I no longer have this sense of if I will be successful. I didn’t have a nice upbringing, I don’t come from a stable house and I’ve always wanted to work hard so that I no longer have to be in such a toxic environment. Now that I am an adult and in control I get anxious thinking that I will get nowhere in my life because my upbringing and the things I seen and was exposed to have been so prominent. I just do not want to be a product of that environment and fail.

All of my siblings are not doing great and I am so fearful that I will not be successful. It was great to exist in your energy, you’re so sweet and you handled my reactions so well, you uplifted me, supported me, you were there for me and I can’t tell you how grateful I am. I came to work today and my coworker said “Pam I’ve never seen you so happy”.

It was amazing to finally hear from my grandparents, I’m so happy my grandfather is in full health, they’re happy, it’s amazing! I’m so happy for them! My grandma had so much to say, I put my hair in a bun this morning and I just thought about you saying how she’s always w/ me Every time I do my hair, which feels good! I am still processing this session. I can’t wait to sage, I am excited to feel better and get rid of all negativity and energy that is bad. These solutions are great.

Once again thank you!
Pamela – Oak Brook, IL


The Time is Right

After looking at Susan’s website and reading her blog for some time, I finally made an appointment for a reading. It was long overdue! The reading was comforting, reassuring but most of all, healing. I have a sense of spiritual well-being that I have not felt in some time. To top it off, Susan is a very warm and caring person; I immediately felt comfortable with her.

Mary – Indiana

Thanks again, Susan!


My cup of Tea

I had my private reading with Susan on June 3rd, and I have purposely waited to write my review. First I must say I had been struggling with many things for about 4 years now. There was an instant bond between us even through the e-mails. However when we met in person it was more like 2 old friends having tea and cookies. Susan helped me make sense of so many things and I walked away with a sense of peace that I have not felt for years. I finally exhaled as it were. The time we spent together just flew by but was productive but more importantly life affirming. All I can say it bless you and thank you.
Patricia J Anderson – Chicago, IL


Time well spent

“Susan has a warm and inviting spirit and thoughtfully delivers her messages with a smile. She did not rush, gave me her undivided attention, and was spot on with her evaluation of me and much of my family. We spent time exploring the questions I had, connected with my family, and discussed my young daughter at length. Susan brought up many personality traits in myself (good and bad) that I have and suggested ways in which I can use them to my favor in the future. It was very interesting listening to a stranger articulate things about me that I myself have never been able to put into words.

I came to Susan because I recently had an appointment with a well-known and popular Chicago medium. I waited a year and a half for that appointment and was quite nervous when I finally got there. Although she made some valid connections, I was so nervous I had a very hard time connecting the dots while I was actually in her shop. I left feeling like I waited over a year and spent a lot of money on something that was impersonal and ultimately unfulfilling. At the end of my session, I brought up the possibility of coming back for another appointment and I was given a look like that was never going to be possible because of her increased wait time. I then received an email a few days later stating that I ‘might’ be called if they get a cancellation.

Luckily, I know that Susan will make an effort to get me into her schedule no matter how many times I’d like to come back. And I do plan to go back. I may even bring my daughter to meet her as well. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone, near and far, who is interested in soul searching, family connection, and self-improvement.”
Lori B. Chicago, IL


Susan has a high quality skill set as an intuitive, interpersonal psychic medium. Susan gave direct and accurate guidance. In turn, Susan’s guidance provided great assistance with necessary problem solving tactics during a questionable time in my life (in regards to personal challenges). Her words were kind, calming and reassuring. Honored to have met with Susan and I truly feel I can build a strong relationship with Susan in the future.
Leah, IL


Wonderful Phone Session

I recently had a phone session reading from Susan Rowlen. I wasn’t sure how it would work since sometimes the phone can be impersonal. Let me just say all my doubts went away once we started talking. Susan’s energy is wonderful and she was extremely helpful in having me see things in a different light. She gave great insight and had valuable advice on next steps I should take to better myself. I truly recommend making an appointment with Susan as it was a wonderful experience.

Melissa, New York, NY



I wanted to share my experience with Susan Rowlen. First and foremost, I have to say how warm and welcoming Susan is. Upon meeting her, you instantly feel as if you are meeting with an old friend to catch up.
She is warm, kind, and inviting. I have now had readings twice with Susan, and each time she was able to connect with my sister whom passed by suicide. With my sister’s passing came so many unanswered questions, and deep guilt… Susan provided answers, guidance, and the gift of knowing my sister is still very near.
She provided insight on my personal life and gave me new direction. She let me know that my sister has peace and that I am very much protected here. I would recommend Susan to anyone who is seeking their own closure and direction. I know that I will be seeing Susan again, and cannot thank her enough for sharing her gift with us all.

Mandy Gipson – Southwest Suburbs



I went to see Susan for a psychic/medium reading the other day.
The reading that she gave me was exceptional and eye opening.

She helped me deal with some of the burdens that I have carried with me for years. Her ability to connect with spirit guides and angels is incredible. Being able to communicate with these spirits was a life changing experience.

Susan has a caring, positive vibe about her and was incredibly helpful. I am eternally grateful to Susan for everything that she helped me with during our time together.

I would highly recommend Susan!

KC Chicago, IL


Validation Told

I had a reading last summer, and you asked me to contact you when things happened to my questions. You were so right, we sold our house and I am with my husband. We found another house and it is truly a gift from God.

It is a house sold from nonprofit organization to help families with our income. Truly a gift. So thankful.

I had a difficult four years with my husband’s income decreased by 25 percent.

Thanks for all your help getting me through this, and I will thank God every day and show it to him by attending services.

Thanks so much.
Susan Gioia Chicago, IL


Had Doubts

Working with Susan was such a positive experience!

Not only was she warm, loving and understanding, her insights and ability to understand my situation opened me up to see new things and new possibilities for myself. She is a gifted intuitive and provided me with accurate information that allowed me to set aside my doubt. I was able to connect with loved ones who had important messages for me that I would never have otherwise received.

Susan also provided me with practical tools for me to heal and protect myself going forward – all the while honestly addressing my fears in ways no one else has. I highly recommend a session with Susan!!

Linda P. from Chicago

Love you Susan!!



My visit with Susan was life changing. I received not only messages from deceased loved ones but also a message regarding an estranged (living) parent. Since my visit with Susan I was able to reconnect with my estranged father of over 20 years and began rebuilding a relationship. Had I not visited Susan I don’t think I would’ve had the courage to do so. Susan is the real deal. I am part skeptic when it comes to physic mediums but always feel they’re worth a try. Boy, am I glad I visited with Susan. If you’re hesitant for any reason, don’t be. I promise you, you’ll be glad you saw her. My future looks so much brighter now. I have peace with the passing of several loved ones that I don’t think I would have gotten without Susan’s help. My heart has began to heal. I desperately needed help with the healing process. Thank you Susan! You changed my life forever!!!
Jill T. Chicago, IL



The readings you provided my friends, and I were exceptional! I feel grateful to have had the chance to meet you and get a reading. You gave me a sense of direction in my life path as well as uplifted the doubts I was having. I can’t thank you enough! I will see you again soon.

Bianca Murkowski Southwest Suburbs



OMG, I absolutely love Susan, my new life coach !! She is so insightful, accurate , responsible , caring and giving!! Love her so much I asked her to come to my home and spend time with each of my friends… They were all delighted with the time they spent with her!! Heartfelt gratitude to you Susan, for sharing your God given gift!!

Sandy Dwyer Chicago, IL



I recently had the pleasure of having a reading from Susan. I found her to be a warm, inviting, caring, and enjoyable soul; and most importantly for my purpose, an accurate informative psychic.
Regardless of what your spiritual baseline is, or what clarity, issues, or direction you are seeking, either from the past, present, or future, Susan offers you some clear snapshots and answers from your spirit guides.
With Susan, you will walk away with a greater sense of insight, clarity, purpose, peace of mind, and love!
We all get clouded and confused with the ongoing chaos of the physical world, not to mention our ego. It is a great blessing to have a gifted spiritual soul like Susan to turn to when our awareness becomes confused or stuck, to help guide us back on the right path.
I was very blessed to have found her and so will you!
Tom S Chicago, IL



I had lost my uncle suddenly and there was much turmoil after his death and I was drawn to contact a medium. I had contacted several and was drawn to Susan immediately. My sister and I had met with her and just told her that our uncle had passed and there were many unanswered questions and things were not as he had said. It was like she had live our life alongside us. She knew so many different dynamics of the circumstances it was surreal.

Since that first meeting, I can’t imagine my life without Susan. She is like our own angel on earth. She has helped with my uncle’s untimely death as well as with my own personal life and growth. She has so much love and such a special gift. She is truly amazing. I am so blessed to have met her and fortunate to have the ability to consult her. I always read reviews, but hardly ever take the time to write them. Her gift is real and I cannot recommend her enough. She has touched my life and I am truly thankful.

Debbie Chamberlain
Hubbardston, MA



The best thing I can say about Susan after our session is, she is for real!
I could tell immediately that she does not work through ego, but through a real desire to help people.

She told me things that nobody would know about my life and my family’s health issues. She helped me work through so many tough decisions. Susan will share insights that are fair and honest and most importantly accurate. I was very much at peace after my reading. Please try her out…you will be amazed.

Peggy Chicago, IL


I came to Susan totally not knowing what to expect. I had found myself at a point in my life where using my intuition was no longer enough. I was lost, confused and disconnected. I needed some answers and guidance. After talking to Susan I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I felt totally at peace.

She was amazing, and told me things that were totally spot on.My friend came with me to get a reading as well and Susan connected with a loved one my friend had lost last year. The things she was able to tell my friend have TOTALLY altered my friend’s life path.
Actually after Susan’s reading, we BOTH have started to change many things in our lives.
Susan really opened our eyes.We came looking for answers and we found them.
We left feeling stronger and at peace.

Thank you Susan – we will definitely come to see you again.
Maya – Chicago, IL


Spot On

Susan, you were incredibly spot on during my phone reading. I am a believer in mediums and psychics but I’m also a believer in you. I enjoyed my reading and will definitely contact you again.Thank you again.

Chris Tessitore Chicago, IL


At 1st Sight

My sister surprised me with a reading with Susan. I have never had a reading before. As soon as I locked eyes with her, my body was calm. My sister and I met with her as we had just lost our Uncle and had a lot unsettled feelings. Susan did not know anything about us, or our Uncle. Within seconds she started telling my Uncle’s story. She explained how he looked and his very unique personality. Susan repeated things to me that my Uncle said to me before passing, as if she had heard our last conversation. Susan’s guidance and calming nature helped us to both find peace. Susan is a gift to us all and I am so lucky to have met her. I plan to fly from Massachusetts to meet with her again as soon as possible. I really can’t put into words how amazing she is.

Very truly yours,
Karyn M. Lukas Boston, MA



Susan is perceptive, intuitive and very encouraging during her phone readings. I found her to be accurate in regards to some personal and family matters. She offered helpful advice.
Rita Abraham


Mind Blowing

Susan, we met back in the winter. You said that in about six months, I would “see everything unfold in front of me” in regards to my current relationship. That moment happened today. Clear as the driven snow, clear as the day. Thank you. And absolutely mind-blowing.

Jerry Chicago, IL


On the Money

Susan is incredibly accurate with her readings. A friend of mine passed away in June and Susan was able to communicate with her and passed along some information from my friend. Susan is like a friend you’ve known for years. She tells you what is coming up in your life. The things she has said about me and my past were right on. If you aren’t a believer, you will be after a reading with Susan.

Tiffany – Southwest Suburbs



I didn’t know what to expect when I scheduled a reading with Susan by phone. From the moment she called I felt a sense of comfort in her voice. Susan is incredible and warm. She told me my daughter would find a teaching job as soon as she was finished with student teaching. Sure enough she starts her teaching job next month. Before I mentioned I was going on vacation she kept telling me that she saw a beautiful ivy vine in a terra cotta pot and asked if I had one in my yard. I told her I did not. When I went on vacation I saw the vine that she spoke about right outside the condo I had rented.
She also told me that my husband was having some health problems and that his condition would not worsen. His doctor told him that his lupus is almost non excitant.
I am now a believer. I will definitely call her again soon.

Thank you again!
Rebecca A.



From the minute we talked on the phone, I felt comfortable scheduling a reading with Susan. Meeting her in person just reinforced that feeling. During our hour+ reading, she hit on all the important issues weighing heavily on me. I got reinforcement as to unresolved issues involving my mom’s untimely death, at a very young age, due to cancer, that I had recently heard from a medium back home (VALIDATION). Then, considerable time was given to helping me understand my role in a couple of close family relationships that need my attention.
Susan was spot-on with her assessment of these relationships, without me even bringing them up. She gave heart-felt suggestions in how best to handle each of them. I have taken her advice to heart, and have started making the necessary adjustments in my life and with my loved ones to ensure I have peace of mind, as well as help them with their struggles.
Thanks to Susan, I have a calm about me that has been missing for 35+ years, since my mother’s passing. I cannot thank her enough for putting into words my feelings and support plans to help relieve my pain and tension. Thank you, Susan. Next time I’m in Chicago, I will definitely be stopping by for another visit!
Jeri K. – Davenport, IA


Go for it

My session with Susan surpassed my expectations. I was a bit nervous when I arrived as I had previous readings (not with Susan) that ranged from the very-generic to the way-off base.
Within minutes of meeting Susan, any nervousness I had went away. She was welcoming, helpful and insightful. She provided insight on things that she seemed to know were on my mind. By the time the session ended I was glad that I decided to give it a try. If you are thinking about a session with Susan, go for it.
Dee – Chicago, Illinois


Return to Orbit

When Susan opened her front door, she had the most inviting and nurturing aura that I noticed immediately. I went to Susan because I felt that I may have lost my way and questioned if I was on the right path in my life, especially without my parents’ guidance.

I lost my parents about a year and a half ago. I was 25 at the time and my life was/is thrown out of orbit. Susan not only confirmed my parents’ presence but channeled them in a way that I knew was them. She not only was able to bring to light my personal and professional struggles, but encouraged me and really lightened the path for me as it was unclear before.

Don’t miss an opportunity to meet Susan. I know I’ll be seeing her again soon.
Jessica K. Chicago, IL



My reading with Susan was a wonderful experience, I felt the spirit of my husband with me, knowing it was him by specific phrases he used.

Susan was very patient & was able to guide me through certain messages he was trying to convey to me. This is a great experience for anyone who has lost a loved one, to truly feel that you are loved, connected to your loved ones, & surrounded by love.

Thank you Susan for sharing your gift & using it to help others.
Susan F Chicago, IL



I didn’t know what to expect when I went to see Susan. I doubted she would be able to tap into what was going on with me. I immediately felt comfortable when I walked into her home. Susan is a wonderfully welcoming person. I enjoyed her as a person.

Not only was Susan spot on with everything she said to me, she made feel like an anvil had been lifted from my chest that I have been carrying around most of my life. I had a huge life decision to make and Susan helped me do what I needed to do.

I intend to spend more time with Susan, and I would recommend her to everyone. She is the real deal. Thank you Susan.
P.S. You probably know how much you have helped me.

M-Chicago, IL


Fore Told

I met Susan in December..what an enjoyable visit. She gave me ideas to think and ponder about my ‘lost daughter’, and actions I could take with this heart-breaking event in my life. In March, one of the events she foretold did evolve as a truth. She explained my daughter as I would know her. It was all true.

I would support any visit with Susan for any person: you will learn and feel through her intercession. I will be back again..only sooner than I had thought.

Regina Weber Chicago, IL



Let me just say Susan is a wonderful woman with a beautiful spirit. I was quite nervous before our meeting, but her kindness and comforting nature made me feel at ease.

I met with Susan in hopes of providing clarity to difficult events that had recently transpired in my life. Her reading affirmed that I’m on the right path, and the rough patch I experienced was necessary for me to find my calling.

During the reading I felt as though I was speaking with someone I’ve known for many years rather than minutes. Susan takes her gift of strong intuition and provides guidance to those she reads. She is a very special person, and meeting with her has the potential to change your life as it certainly did mine.

Liz Ripley-Southwest Suburbs


Clear Sailing

My reading with Susan was incredible. She has given me the direction and know how to embark on my spiritual journey with confidence.

If you are feeling lost or have lost your direction, Susan is the one to see.

Just one reading with her has put my ship on the right course again.

David ~ South suburbs…


I’m Sorry for your Loss

The sudden loss of my fiance was unexpected, tragic, and mostly incomprehensible. I experienced unexplained communications and was even more devastated. I felt helpless and began endless days of seeking answers. I looked on line for local contacts and reached out to several spiritual/psychic mediums. Susan Rowlen was the most compassionate and understanding. Her only knowledge of me was that I had experienced a great loss and I was having a hard time.

Susan’s first words to me were “I’m sorry for your loss.” I knew she meant it because I could see that she felt my pain and she felt his.

After meeting Susan, it wasn’t long before my loved one connected and provided me answers and reaffirmations, accounts and recommendations. His spirit was present and clearly communicating. There was great comfort from knowing and understanding what lay on the other side and to know what I had experienced was real. Truly Susan is gifted not only with her paranormal abilities but with the ability to deliver messages and communication with compassion and understanding.

For some people, receiving Susan’s gifts will provide well needed closure, for the disbelievers, truth as you have never known.

For me, Susan has delivered me down the path of a spiritual journey I did not know existed until this great tragedy.

I am ever grateful to Susan for the compassion, kindness and knowledge she has given me, the lessons I have come to learn and the ability to begin to heal.

Thank you,

L. La Mont Gurnee, IL


Moved Away

So I met an amazing woman this week, Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen, She truly has a real gift.  She’s the most inviting person I’ve met. She finally got me to listen to an old friend. It was amazing the details she knew. And the true closure she gave me. Because this friend meant the world to me, and when he passed away in January of this year, I had lots of unanswered questions.

Susan told me things only my friend has said. This lady Susan is the real thing. She gave me the peace, I needed to move forward with my life. And hopefully to help my friend’s mom go forward, I look forward to seeing her again.  And hearing from my best friend in this whole world.I swear on everything, my friend was there that day because of Susan gift. She has such a gift! She made me realize he’s with me every day. I just need to let him in, and look for the signs.

Thank you Susan! I would recommend you to everyone I know. The things you said validated, things about his death, his life and so much more. The thing’s you told me could never have been made up.You changed my life and helped me connect with my best friend in this world. I know now I will connect with him one day. I will remember the wonderful quote you said, “It’s like he moved away, he’s still here, but just moved far away”Thank you Susan!

Lisa Rankin
Northwest suburbs




Susan Rowlen’s keen ability to interpret psychic energy is phenomenal.

I visited Susan in hopes of connecting with my mother who passed away 4 months ago, and also, my co worker who departed from breast cancer. I was searching for the person that would reunite my mother and co worker and I together when I stumbled upon Susan’s web site. Somehow I knew she would be the one who would interpret the information that I was desperately searching for.

During our session I had not made any reference to what my mother died from or what she looked like. Susan accurately gave me a description of what my mother looked like and what she had departed from.  I was blown away. Susan told me that my mother visits my 12 month old daughter and kisses her hands at feet. (Jaw dropping)

My Mother’s message to me, “that we will all be together again” How happy she was that I had a little girl. What an incredible message to share amongst a mother and daughter relationship. My mother also gave Susan visions to what she’s doing on the other side .She spent most of her time in the kitchen cooking. Visions of her in the kitchen cooking with her pots and pans came through. Her message to me, keep her cooking alive. 

To those who have lost a child or loved one remember that they will always be with you, and someday you too will be reunited with them. The pain of losing a loved one will never diminish. The longing to see them again seems ever far away. To be reassured that your paths will meet again is so worth the wait.

Thank you Susan for bringing my Mother and I together again if only for a moment was priceless. You truly are gifted beyond words. May you continue to comfort others in pain and allow them to see the gift of life.

Maria KirschnerChicago


With great faith and respect for the gift with which she has been entrusted,

Susan Rowlen provides sensitive spiritual counsel, direct advice, and truthful answers to the uncertainty of life’s most challenging questions. Her caring and nurturing personal, confidential attention gives the seeker a sense of calm and fortitude needed to overcome life’s obstacles as well as bring closure to unanswered questions

James Villa Chicago, IL


1st Time

I recently had a psychic reading with Susan. I wanted to take this opportunity to let it be known what an uplifting experience it was for me.

Being my first psychic reading, I was nervous. Within five minutes of meeting Susan, I started to feel at ease. Susan is an incredibly warm person. Opening her home & using her gift to help people in need of answers, speaks to the quality of her character.

I had been struggling with an undiagnosed health issue for ten years. I received very little help with standard medicine. I can only speak for my own experience, but my life hit a low. I felt buried under all the unanswered questions I had.

Susan knew instantly what I was suffering from. I had an idea of what I was suffering from, but I went home after my reading and looked up the condition that Susan mentioned.

The symptoms matched those of the condition I thought I had to a tee. I never would have found out if I hadn’t gone to Susan.

The weeks that have passed have been amazing, I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders. I haven’t felt this optimistic about life in a very long time.

Jason Arena Chicago, IL


100 lbs. Lifted
I met Susan a couple weeks ago. I didn’t know what I was getting into but, I knew if I didn’t do something soon I was going to break.I was so full of anxiety I was shaking, then I sat down with Susan and I felt as if I were talking to one of my oldest friends. She gave me answers I longed for and needed she was so spot on and honest, she told me things I didn’t want to hear. But I walked away from her feeling like 100 lbs was lifted off me. I can’t really explain it but for the first time since I could remember, I had a feeling of peace come over me.
Susan you made an everlasting impact on my life. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done, you’re an amazing person I’m forever grateful.  

Kayla Pocius

A Mom’s Gift
Susan, I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for your gift today to my mom. What an awesome experience for both her,  and my sister and I. I could just see the weight lifted from my mom’s shoulders about any guilt, sadness and worry that she has ever felt regarding the passing of my grandparents. You are truly a gift giver of the greatest proportions.  What you provide cannot be duplicated, and I will be forever grateful. We all will be.
Thank you so much again.

Very best regards-
Stephanie Fenters      Northwest Suburbs, IL

The Real Deal

Susan Rowlen has an incredible gift and she shares it with compassion and generosity. I consulted her for guidance and as a source of spiritual validation. She offered me genuine direction for the year ahead as well as for future years. She was able to offer me guidance about my family, career and important relationships in my life. I urge anyone looking for guidance on their spiritual path to consult Susan. She is the real deal !

Donna Laluya



I lost my Mom a year ago and it threw my anxiety and depression off making them worse. I decided I needed help since therapy and the medicine they have me on really wasn’t helping much. I was hurting so much emotionally. Susan Rowlen is Amazing! she is so warm and kind and puts you at ease. Susan didn’t know anything about me and was able to tell me how each sibling’s personality was, which not to many people know unless they are close friends and family and She was able to connect to my Mom and my Grandpa (my Moms Dad), who I never had a chance to meet because he passed way before I was born. Susan not only was able to help me talk to my Mom again but she was able to help me with other things going on in my life to help my anxiety. she was so helpful and if anyone is looking for help and is feeling hopeless and alone like I was, please see Susan she is really the best person to help you. She is someone I know I will be seeing and talking to when I need help or when I need to talk to my Mom. Susan was able to help me in that hour than two years of therapy has and I am forever grateful to her. Thank You Susan 

Debbie Saunders Southwest Suburbs, IL



I had the greatest gift on November 2nd, 2013. It was all made possible by Susan Rowlen. I was able to hear from my recently departed loved ones. I had lost my dad, my husband, and my nephew all in less than 1 year. Susan, not knowing me or anything about me was able to connect with all 3. I not only received comfort but most importantly peace. This peace I was able to share with my family as there was messages for all. I am not one  who can express my feelings well with words, all I can say is that Susan has a place in my heart and I thank God that He has blessed her with this gift that she so sweetly shares with us. This peace and comfort my family and I now have allows us to know they are with us always and we can continue our journey here and we look forward to seeing them again. Thank you Susan!

Yliana Morales Northwest Suburbs Chicago


Gift to this World

Back in March of this year, on a Saturday morning, I received a horrible call from my best friend’s sister, notifying me that her brother, my best childhood friend committed suicide by hanging himself. As you can imagine, I felt an enormous sense of loss and grief. I felt like someone ripped my heart out! Feeling so sad and confused, with a strong desire to get better clarity regarding what just happened to my best friend. I reached out to my friend Susan through a Facebook message sharing the horrible news with her in hopes that my friend’s spirit will communicate with me through Susan.

 I did not hear from Susan, so I decided to call Susan on that Monday morning right after I got the bad news. Susan picked up the phone and was telling me that she was in her car getting ready to go somewhere. Right as we started talking, Susan shared with me that my friend’s spirit came through and was sitting in the passenger side right next to her. Susan new nothing about my friend what so ever, she gave me a specific visual description of what he looked like. At this point Susan was communicating to me everything that my friend’s spirit was communicating to her, I will spare you the details of what was communicated, yet I must share with you that everything Susan communicated to me was right on 100%!

The information and details was personal information that only my best friend and I knew. Even though I was still filled with grief and loss, Susan helped me gain better understanding of what just happened. Susan also shared with me, that my friend was saying that he is very Tranquil and at peace, which gave me a huge sense of relief. I have seen two other people other than Susan with similar abilities, yet, neither one of them where able to communicate with such details and specific information as Susan did.

 Susan has a special gift where her main intention is to help people gain a better understanding of a tragic situation and helping them feel somewhat better about what had just happened though channeling and communication what their loved spirits. I am now a regular client of Susan’s where she helps me by guiding me through my spirit guides. I am so grateful for all the guidance and help that Susan sends my way and will be a client for life.      D.L.- Chicago, IL



I don’t believe everything I read or hear and, I don’t expect you to either, but I do encourage others to go to their reading with Susan with an open mind. When you’re open to the truth, you are more apt to recognize truth in its many forms. Truth has definitely found a place with Susan. She is so sincere. This was not a scary experience either! She is so down to earth and has an extraordinary gift and offers very good advice.

Thank you again for helping me to find the peace and assurance I needed to move on with my life…Samantha DeStefano- Chicagoland



…My reading with Susan gave me the answers I kept asking myself: “Why?” and “Are they alright?”  Her connection to the spiritual world gave me clarity and the ability to move forward in my own life.  She was able to detail past, current and future events for me and it helped put things in perspective.   Susan is truly gifted!

………….Maggie V. Chicago, IL


Now a Believer

When I first met Susan it was at a friend’s house, I have heard that she was a medium but never wanted to bother her, also I had seen a medium before and she wasn’t that great. The day I met Susan, we just started talking about school and my career path. Then she started asking me about my dad, now like I said I never talked to her before, and she just hit everything on the head. A couple months ago I asked her to come to my house to read my family and friends. When I called her just on the phone she was able to not only give me messages from my father that I needed to hear, but when I was telling her who I was inviting to my house she described the people who were coming through to send their messages to my loved ones. Not knowing my friends or family again she was able to tell me who was coming through with out me saying names and describe them perfectly. Susan just amazes me every time I talk to her, she always knows when I need her with out me telling her, and not only do I look at her as a mentor but also as a great friend. I know many people are skeptics but trust me Susan is the real deal. I made a believer out of many skeptics by introducing them to Susan.

With all my love,

Bianca DeMaria   Itasca, IL


Our Angel

Susan is a person beyond “Gifted”. Her ability to connect with spirits, console with past or present unsettled situations or foresee the future is a talent that cannot be described. I had known Susan socially through a mutual friend and heard bits and pieces of her “Gifted” talent. Always in awe on how she would see things. Then on 7-8-09 when my son was in a horrific car accident; her “Gift” came through for my family and I every step that we endured, while my son lay in a coma with a brain injury. To this day she continues to guide us with her visions.

She has led us through the most tragic journey that any family can travel. From day one, she has seen the road we would be on. Telling us what would happen next, yet consoling us and painting the picture of what the future outcome would be. Sometimes we would feel skeptical on her visions, feelings, or her advice because we felt the medical professionals would know better. However, it always turned out that she was right, and they were wrong.

As my son still continues to recover and refers to Susan as his angel; she has become my whole family’s angel. Her “Gift” was given to her to help others. I don’t know how I could have continued to survive with such tragedy in my family without the “Gift” that Susan has shared. Thank you Susan, and we know you will continue to help those who are seeking your guidance. YOUR TALENT IS BEYOND WORDS!!

Debbie DeStefano  Addison, IL



Dear Susan, I loved my reading with you. I really loved how you talked about my husband. The way he thinks, sometimes throws me.  But the way you explained his childhood, I totally get it now. I used to think he was so unfeeling at times and now it makes sense how he can shut people out and never look back.  So thank you for that. As for me, I will be more open to things I want to do, and not let them pass me by.  I have a much better outlook thanks to you.

Thank you again,

Julie – Western Suburbs


Food for Thought

I’m so glad i called you. Wish i’d called
sooner as you are so nice and easy to talk with.
You’ve given me much to think about.

I wish i’d bought a recording device so i could
remember everything you said.

I want to thank Chicago’s top 10 best Psychics website for leading me to you.

Lori Switzer, Evanston, IL



My session with Susan was very helpful and informative.  She has a wonderful warm caring energy that feels like a motherly hug.  She had insights and told me things that were very intuitive and helpful.  If you are looking for some guidance or need to resolve issues with assistance from a medium Susan is a good choice!!

Chris, Illinois



My reading from Susan was fantastic. I am glad I finally booked a session with her. She is a warm and engaging woman with a very good energy about her.  She was right on about people and events I had questions about.   After leaving I felt I was given a feeling of liberation and assurance about questions and concerns lingering in my life. I feel I received the clarification I was looking for.  She definitely has a gift, and I will definitely be back!!!

Katie, Chicago, IL



Susan, our session with you concerning the unusual circumstances surrounding the passing of our daughter helped us understand what may have happened to her and also gave us a sense of peace. We appreciate your time and kindness . Thank you again and will keep in touch.

Teresa Connor Gurnee,IL



Thank you!! You really gave me a sense of hope when I was feeling very stuck. You were absolutely on target with the people in my life. I felt completely at ease with you, and you knew things you shouldn’t or couldn’t possibly know. I now know where to put my focus thanks to you. I whole heartily  recommend you, and know where to go again.
Kim Klinko Chicago, IL

I’m so happy I met you today, you have brought Peace to my heart And clarity to many unanswered questions thank you!

Traciii A. Cherry Southwest Suburbs


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