Angels and archangels do exist.  This month because it’s the New Year, I’ve decided to write about our sweet angels. For one thing, we have angels that are appointed to us from as early as conception. They stay with us until our life is finished here on earth, then walk us through to the afterlife.

We are appointed one or two angels, everyone is different and we get what we need. Angels have never been human, as much as we like to think our loved ones that have passed are now angels looking down and watching over us, in truth, they do not become angels. Our loved ones become our spirit guides and help direct us with decision-making, or show us signs and let us feel their energy.

Our sweet angels are here to guide, protect and direct us always. It’s up to us if we choose to listen, and to listen to the little voice down deep. When we get a feeling of something that is not right, it is because it usually isn’t what’s best for us. If it feels right, again our angels are giving us that feeling of reassurance.

seven angelsNow there’s also the Seven Archangels, they are what I call the “big boys”, the heavy artillery. Each of these archangels have a specific purpose. So you pray to each of what you need and the magic starts to unfold. But always remember to thank your guardian angels, your archangels and your spirit guides. When you believe and trust they will never fail you.

Seven Archangels

1. Michael – Protection and love
2. Gabriel – Governs the emotions, calms and helps with anxiety
3. Raphael – Heals the body, mind and spirit. Boosts energy and creativity
4. Uriel – Patron angel of music, brings warnings and greets you at the gates of heaven
5. Raquel – Safe travels, make sure everyone behaves and patrols everyone. Makes sure everyone gets along
6. Sariel – Keeps things in order with children, makes sure there is no mess and children play happily.
7. Remiel – Angel of hope when facing death, for hospice and getting ready to cross over.

When you keep them in your life everyday our guardian angels, archangels and spirit guides will never fail you.

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You never know just when you will receive a daily reminder of the gift of gratitude.  I have often received messages for myself from my angels. Last night would be just that. When I was sleeping I had a most unusual dream and there were actual life events that had happened to me that came back to me but was played back like a movie in dream form.

The year was 1990. I was pregnant with my daughter.  I had a very high risk pregnancy. I spent three quarters of my pregnancy in the hospital on and off during my nine months. There were many times I thought not only might I would lose my baby, but I wouldn’t make it myself. When I was four months pregnant, I was sleeping and when I awoke there was blood all over our bed. I had woken my husband and began to continually vomit nonstop. My husband put me in the car and drove us right away to the hospital. Needless to say, I was in extreme pain and lifeless at the same time. I went into cardiac arrest. I remember when I came to, the machines were hooked onto me. I was feeling like I wanted to die and at the same time thinking I had either lost my baby or was going to.

In my dream, events that I clearly forgotten had been relived. I went back in time to experience and relive that event.

susan rowlen and daughter alexandria rowlen

Susan Rowlen with daughter Alexandria Rowlen

The dream shifted to 1997. Now I’m about to go into surgery to have sinus surgery. While I was under anesthesia, I see myself going up and seeing two angels. Each one was holding one of my arms. Everything was white, from my angel’s robes, with fine gold threading to platinum colored hair. They were taking me up. I asked, “Where are you taking me?” and they each replied, “It’s your time.” I was so startled I began to scream, “Noooo!!! I can’t go with you, I have a six year old down there that needs me. PLEASE LET ME GO!” I began to try to pull away with each of my angels still holding onto me. With that, the nurse was trying to wake me up from the anesthesia. I felt like I was watching It’s A Wonderful Life, and Scrooge all at once. I not only revisited my past, but actually felt all of the emotions, pain and frustration all over again.

Angel Message a Gift of Gratitude

When I woke, it put everything into perspective. We all get caught up in the everyday chaos of the world. We rush, we get tired, we are so robotic day after day and I realized what a gift of gratitude my angels gave me, a dream of truth had revisited me.

Everything was so much clearer; my angels provided me with the emotions and feelings I once felt that had subsided. That morning I had an early call at my Oak Brook office. When I began to shower I thanked my sweet angels for the messages they had presented me. I got dressed but before I left, I told my husband what I had experienced and he listened to me with great compassion and told me what a beautiful message I received. It reminded me to really be thankful. 

We all appreciate a great gift of gratitude for our children, but to get these emotions and be able to go back in time and live in these moments were priceless. Before heading to work, I went to my daughter’s room where she was sleeping. I entered quietly watching her sleep and kissed her goodbye and proceeded to go to work. My spirit once again had been awakened, my angels truly gave me a gift, a gift of true emotions, along with my near death experiences. Since then I have always come to acknowledge my angels for all the answers they provide me, all the protection they give. But most of all the love they have for me. Thank you for reminding me what’s really important and enjoying not just the simple pleasures, but truly what’s right in front of us the whole time.

Here’s wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Much love
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Do you want to make an angel connection?  Meditation plays an important role in connecting with your angels and spirit guides.  It should be such a huge part of each new day. Start by clearing your mind. Each and every one of us has our own spirit guides and guardian angels. From the time we are born, we all have spirit guides, and angels that are appointed to us.

We need to acknowledge that we are never alone and when there is a circumstance and something tells us, “don’t do it” it’s not something, but someone. When we have a great idea, it’s our angels and guides that put it there for us. So every morning. focus on making an angel connection.  Meditate to ask for direction, guidance and protection for each new day and you need to be thankful. When you accept freely of conditions that are put upon you, then you will see how life does take a magical turn.

Stay aware you are never alone!

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