Got Questions? Get Answers

What is the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

A Psychic is someone who can look into the Past, Present and Future by experiencing a series of mental or visual images guided by Spirit. A Medium is the messenger between Spirit and the present world who translates and interprets the messages received.

Do I have to be a firm believer to communicate with Spirits?

You don’t have to be a firm believer but it helps to be open to it. The more open you are to Spirit, the more likely you’ll receive in-depth, quality messages.

What is meant by the Spirit World?

The Spirit World is the next life after this one. Once we pass from this earth our Spirit transforms into pure energy which allows our loved ones to communicate with us.

What’s the difference between your Soul and Spirit?

Your soul is internal and never dies. It is the strength of your Spirit which carries your Soul in the direction it needs to go.

What’s the difference between a Spirit Guide and an Angel?

Very simply, Angels protect and Spirit Guides direct. Angels have never been human and, like our personal bodyguards, are here to protect us. Unlike angels, Spirit Guides experienced life on this earth and are here to guide us through life. Spirit Guides can be family, friends or someone who has experienced a specific issue we’re facing.

Is talking to the dead against what God wants?

Absolutely not. God created all of us and wants us to use these special gifts that’s bestowed on us to create our best self.

Does participating in a reading make me vulnerable to a harmful Spirits?

Absolutely not. A reading does not expose you to any form of demon or negative spirit. In fact, I have never encountered any dangerous Spirit during a reading.

What do you actually see or hear during a Psychic or Mediumship Reading?

When Spirit comes through with messages to be delivered, I hear, taste and smell things and even experience physical pain related to the manner of death. Using a form of Time Travel, I can very specifically see how the Spirit lived and what they experienced which includes everything from hobbies they enjoyed, the way they dressed or health problems they incurred.

Can you predict the future?

Yes. I am able to foresee events that are coming and will share those visions with clients.

If a Psychic sees something in my future, can I change it ?

You can make changes to alter your future. Insights from readings are meant to guide you to make positive changes for your life. In communicating messages about health issues, I’ve alerted clients to potential illnesses such as the evidence of cancer and even saved someone’s life who was on the verge of experiencing a serious heart attack.

Do you call the dead to you?

Like an invisible doorbell, whenever we think of our loved ones who’ve passed, it is a signal for them to come through. By tapping into my client’s energy, I can receive and translate messages from Spirit.

Can you connect with loved ones who committed suicide?

Certainly. They become like every other Spirit once they cross over into the light. Their energy is no darker than anyone else and can come through with specific messages for loved ones, often providing family members much needed closure and comfort.

Do the Spirits of our loved ones miss us?

Spirits of our loved ones don’t miss us because they’re always with us. We miss them because we can longer “see” them in the traditional sense but they are still around us, guiding and protecting us throughout our life.

Does it matter how long ago loved ones passed before they come through?

It’s never too soon to make a connection with a loved one who has passed to the other side. There is no required time period. I can make a connection with every Spirit who has passed.

Will I have to see those who hurt me in this life when I pass?

It’s your choice to determine whether you want to make peace with a Spirit. If you don’t want to see them, you won’t have to.

How can I be more spiritual and connect better with my Spirit Guide?

Be open to your Spirit Guides, quiet your mind and, most of all, express gratitude in daily prayers. Our Spirit Team—God, Jesus, Angels, Archangels and Spirit Guides—all seek us to recognize who they are and express gratitude for what they do.

Is an In-Person reading more accurate than a Phone reading?

I am able to connect with Spirit and receive accurate visions and messages equally via in-person or telephone readings. However, since the client’s energy is an important factor in delivering a quality reading, it is up to each client to decide with which format he/she is most comfortable.

What techniques do you use in your psychic readings?

You won’t find any tarot cards or ouija boards during my readings! All I need to deliver insightful, accurate messages from Spirit is my inherent psychic abilities and Sixth Sense as well as the help of my own Spirit Team.

If you see something negative in my future, will you tell me?

When receiving visions or messages of impending negative events, I aim to gently guide clients to focus on specific areas of their life they need to change. In doing so, I can help clients change the course of their future.

Are there any questions you can’t or won’t answer?

Don’t look to a Psychic Medium to make life decisions for you such as whether or not you should leave your spouse. I am not living your life or walking in your shoes. Instead, use the insights gained from a personal reading to focus on your own life journey and make positive decisions for yourself.

Can I ask questions during the reading?

You can—and should—ask questions!! Prepare a list of questions that are most important to you

Can I record my reading?

Absolutely. Recording your reading is advisable as it helps you remember and process every valuable message obtained during the session. Additionally, I offer clients the opportunity to have their reading recorded so that it can be shared via my YouTube channel to help enlighten others with shared experiences.

Can I contact more than one loved one during the reading?

When Spirits come through during a reading they usually bring with them an entire entourage! It is typical for multiple Spirits associated with the loved one to make an appearance during the mediumship reading.

How much time should I book for my reading?

The length of reading depends entirely on a client’s preference. However, 15-minute readings are generally best to explore a single, specific question while 30-minute sessions are suitable for a generalized reading. When struggling with an important issue requiring more in-depth exploration, a minimum 45-minute reading or 60-minute reading is beneficial. When looking to connect with a loved one who recently passed or who passed from unnatural circumstances like a suicide or murder, a one-hour reading is needed to allow Spirits all the time they need to communicate their specific messages.

Can I include another person in my reading?

Yes. Often it is helpful to include another family member or close friend in your reading. For in-person readings, a $50 fee will be assessed for each additional person wishing to join the reading to address the same topic.

How often should I get a reading?

How often you schedule readings is a personal choice. It’s never too soon or too late to get a reading. If something important is going on in your life or if you’ve made a breakthrough in a recent reading, you may want to schedule time for another reading. The decision is a personal one and based on your own needs and comfort level.