The Analogy of Time

By Susan Rowlen


There are various reasons how people react to time. For some, as people are facing their end they would give anything to have more time to stay in this world. For others, they understand their end is near, and make their peace.

Time is a funny thing, how people embrace the events that surround them is truly a personal decision. You can have an extraordinary wish to something you want to happen, and it can be the biggest misunderstanding at the same time when it does not happen.


So why exactly is TIME so important???


As I have grown older, time has taught me not to question but to trust. Trust that time truly has its own agenda, and it’s not for us to compete with. So, the next time you question the timing to things, or your patience is running thin in regards to your wishes, your hopes, and dreams, that have not materialized yet… Remember there is a plan, it comes when you are truly ready.

When you begin to lose track of the time, is when time becomes your friend. You will feel the need to explore, to be happy in the moment, and to trust in the universe that it’s all in the timing without wanting and waiting.

The true tragedy is waiting for what you want to happen, and living an unlived life in the process. As the old saying goes… “You are not too old, and it’s not too late”

Trust, Relax, and Live without Waiting!

Happiness is a question that comes into focus as the Holidays draw near. As I look around and think back to my own obstacles, I have come to realize that life truly is a choice of how we live it.

You can choose how you want to feel, you can choose to be happy, but you can also choose to be honest with yourself. I know sometimes you can say it’s easier said than done, but how you deal with emotions is up to you. What I have come to realize myself is regrets and worrying are really such a waste of time and good energy.

Focus on Happiness, Not Regrets

There are so many people I have encountered while they are on their death bed and have realized if only there was more time. They came to the realization they had the power and the choice the whole time.

Don’t let years go by and then realize what you didn’t allow yourself, because in truth sometimes when we realize what and how we should have approached things, it is too late.

Losing a loved one comes as a great loss, but in truth what our loved ones really want for us is happiness and to create a grand life for ourselves. They want us to be the best person we can possibly be, which in turn brings happiness and peace to their spirit which allows their soul to have peace and self-growth as well. So this holiday turn your lost faith into renewed hope!

Wishing you all many blessings for a wonderful, connected, and spiritual Holiday Season & New Year

Much Love

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Have you filled your life with givers or takers?  Throughout my life I’ve always believed in treating people with kindness and support in their time of need, and all around lending a helping hand unconditionally. But as time goes by, I’ve often noticed and wondered why is it so hard for people to do the same in return? To be there for you? Support you? Wish you well unconditionally?

Why is it so hard for some people to go out of their way for others especially when people have gone out of their way time and time again for them? My husband always says, “Shake the dead leaves off the tree.” He couldn’t be more right. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize it’s more than people who are there for you vs. people who are not.

Givers or Takers? Creating Balance in Relationships

Life is about balance and everything we do should incorporate balance. That goes for all relationships, whether it’s a spouse, children, brother, sister, friend, mother, father or boss. Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen

It’s important to evaluate whether our relationships are with givers or takers. Whatever we put into a relationship we need to be taking away just as much. If we don’t, the relationship will falter. It may take two months, or twenty years. But if the relationship does not incorporate true balance, the relationship in time will fail causing the person who is always giving unconditionally to come up emotionally bankrupt.

So keep in mind when someone who has always been there for you, to show them the same gesture in return.

So, are you a giver or a taker? When you question the balance of the relationship you need to ask yourself, “Is this the relationship you want to continue? To put forth the effort?” Sometimes the best thing you can do is to disconnect from the people who do not put forth the effort in return. When you shrug off the takers is when good actually comes through to you unconditionally. The real balance then starts to emerge.

I dedicate this article to my husband, a man who for me, has taught me so much in the way of true balance. He has offered respect for my happiness and has taught me mutual kindness, support and always well wishes. I continue to show him the same mutual respect and kindness. This is truly what it’s all about.

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, , , Relationship Balance: Why We Need Equals in Our Lives

Relationship balance is something that too often we choose to ignore in our lives. There is an old saying my mother used to say, “Show me who your friends are and I’ll tell you what kind of person you are.”img_2820-bw

Well when she would tell me that, I didn’t quite understand what and how that meant, until I got older. I meet people that say, “I feel stuck and I don’t know why.” I say to them, “Look around. I bet it’s the people you surround yourself with that bring you down. The negative energy they bring to you.”

We need equals in our lives and need to achieve relationship balance because surrounding ourselves with people that we can learn from, or people that motivate us, or people that just bring out the best in ourselves is really key to having a happy and successful life. There are people that come in our lives for a reason, but the question is, “What do we learn from them?”

Achieving Relationship Balance 

When is it not okay to continue on with the relationship? How a person makes us feel or what they can make us do can be a huge disservice to ourselves. The fact is you should be choosey in who you allow in your space and around your daily life. People who are not happy will never make you happy.

When choosing your life partner, your partner should be your equal or above you. If you have to go ten steps backwards, stay single until you find the person that’s worthy of you.  Do not settle! When you separate yourself from negative relationships is when you grow; then you start to thrive. The more successful or higher you move throughout your life, the more protective you have to be with your space.

I always say, “If you have one good friend with the right qualities, then you are truly blessed.” Having twenty friends, but who are shallow, are not your friends. Understanding your growth level is key to your success in life but most of all your happiness. Looking back, I now have a deeper understanding of what my mother would say.

Equals in our lives really are key to a much more productive and happy life.
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Having a comfort zone is nice, but it does not necessarily mean you’re happy. I encounter many people who, for a number of reasons, don’t want to go outside their comfort zone.

Some of the reasons are:

1. Fear – of the unknown, fear of failing
2. Visualizing – can’t visualize what else there is besides what’s currently inside their realm.
3. Safety Net – it’s safe, not necessarily happy, but can rely on what is.
4. Strength – not able to have the strength to choose.
5. Decision – (The most important), which is to make a decision, and the confrontation in doing it.

All of those reasons are normal, but can be paralyzing at the same time. For the most part, visualizing and seeing what can be, or daring to try seems to always creep up for us to stay where we are, which in turn keeps us stuck. But our life was not meant for us to be safe even when we are in a situation that is not for us.

The true answer is not to settle.  Even though we are not in a place that makes us happy and do not have a solution, it still isn’t a reason to keep us here in our current situation. It always comes down to the fear, the fear of the unknown, the “what ifs”.  The worst part of this is to stay stuck your whole life always frustrated and never daring to change your life.

When we never attempt to make a change–the biggest tragedy of all–you stop your growth process. All the worrying, the non-confrontation, and above all the fear, is what occupies your good energy all along. So “Are you comfortable in your routine and is it making you happy?”

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