My Awakening

The awakening that I speak of comes from my visit Last week at a community pool. As I was waiting in line to go in, I noticed there was a man checking all people’s purses and beach bags like you were at a security checkpoint at the airport.  As I observed everything, at that moment for me everything was put into perspective.

Not only was there a baggage check but it was a reality check for me, something so simple and so pure like taking your children to a pool, to swim and play freely now becomes tarnished with suspicion. I am not against what this man was doing given the nature of what is going on with our world, but at the same time it was an awakening for me to see what a world our children now live in. What our world has become, the suspicion, the possible danger, the fear of everyday activities has now become compromised.

Having faith can sometimes be challenging and as I have always had my faith in times of trouble and despair, I find myself clinging onto it even more so.

Meditate as often as you can to ground yourself, go out, get in touch with nature look to the higher power to guide you and to protect you. Keep your loved ones close, take nothing for granted, love and be grateful for life’s simple pleasures, remembering to be grateful saying thank you for being here, and to experience the moment.

The choice is, allowing yourself to become bitter by all what’s going on in the world or we can have faith and pray for direction and strength that we so desperately need.

Trying to make sense of all the lives being lost, and maybe we never will, but the true test is not what is dealt to us, but how we choose to handle it. I have come to realize that love truly conquers all in every situation. The most powerful weapons are not the guns or the explosives or even the prejudice, it’s that love is more powerful than hate.

When there is love, there is peace.

Wishing you all a happy and safe summer.

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Having a comfort zone is nice, but it does not necessarily mean you’re happy. I encounter many people who, for a number of reasons, don’t want to go outside their comfort zone.

Some of the reasons are:

1. Fear – of the unknown, fear of failing
2. Visualizing – can’t visualize what else there is besides what’s currently inside their realm.
3. Safety Net – it’s safe, not necessarily happy, but can rely on what is.
4. Strength – not able to have the strength to choose.
5. Decision – (The most important), which is to make a decision, and the confrontation in doing it.

All of those reasons are normal, but can be paralyzing at the same time. For the most part, visualizing and seeing what can be, or daring to try seems to always creep up for us to stay where we are, which in turn keeps us stuck. But our life was not meant for us to be safe even when we are in a situation that is not for us.

The true answer is not to settle.  Even though we are not in a place that makes us happy and do not have a solution, it still isn’t a reason to keep us here in our current situation. It always comes down to the fear, the fear of the unknown, the “what ifs”.  The worst part of this is to stay stuck your whole life always frustrated and never daring to change your life.

When we never attempt to make a change–the biggest tragedy of all–you stop your growth process. All the worrying, the non-confrontation, and above all the fear, is what occupies your good energy all along. So “Are you comfortable in your routine and is it making you happy?”

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Is this the year you will be brave enough to forge a new life journey? This is a New Year, which means a new path. When you dig deep, let go of what was, embrace what you want, only then will you have affirmation of what is to come.

Remember fear is a natural emotion, but when the fear gets larger than you, and begins to take over, this is when the road blocks surround you. When you remove the blockers, your path is clear to pursue whatever your heart desires.

The real question for this New Year is, “Are you brave enough to try? What would you like to attain?
What problems would you like to see resolved?

You are in the diver’s seat more than you know. The secret is to stop acting like the passenger.

Happy New Year to All!

Much Love

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