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Relationship balance is something that too often we choose to ignore in our lives. There is an old saying my mother used to say, “Show me who your friends are and I’ll tell you what kind of person you are.”img_2820-bw

Well when she would tell me that, I didn’t quite understand what and how that meant, until I got older. I meet people that say, “I feel stuck and I don’t know why.” I say to them, “Look around. I bet it’s the people you surround yourself with that bring you down. The negative energy they bring to you.”

We need equals in our lives and need to achieve relationship balance because surrounding ourselves with people that we can learn from, or people that motivate us, or people that just bring out the best in ourselves is really key to having a happy and successful life. There are people that come in our lives for a reason, but the question is, “What do we learn from them?”

Achieving Relationship Balance 

When is it not okay to continue on with the relationship? How a person makes us feel or what they can make us do can be a huge disservice to ourselves. The fact is you should be choosey in who you allow in your space and around your daily life. People who are not happy will never make you happy.

When choosing your life partner, your partner should be your equal or above you. If you have to go ten steps backwards, stay single until you find the person that’s worthy of you.  Do not settle! When you separate yourself from negative relationships is when you grow; then you start to thrive. The more successful or higher you move throughout your life, the more protective you have to be with your space.

I always say, “If you have one good friend with the right qualities, then you are truly blessed.” Having twenty friends, but who are shallow, are not your friends. Understanding your growth level is key to your success in life but most of all your happiness. Looking back, I now have a deeper understanding of what my mother would say.

Equals in our lives really are key to a much more productive and happy life.
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