My Awakening

The awakening that I speak of comes from my visit Last week at a community pool. As I was waiting in line to go in, I noticed there was a man checking all people’s purses and beach bags like you were at a security checkpoint at the airport.  As I observed everything, at that moment for me everything was put into perspective.

Not only was there a baggage check but it was a reality check for me, something so simple and so pure like taking your children to a pool, to swim and play freely now becomes tarnished with suspicion. I am not against what this man was doing given the nature of what is going on with our world, but at the same time it was an awakening for me to see what a world our children now live in. What our world has become, the suspicion, the possible danger, the fear of everyday activities has now become compromised.

Having faith can sometimes be challenging and as I have always had my faith in times of trouble and despair, I find myself clinging onto it even more so.

Meditate as often as you can to ground yourself, go out, get in touch with nature look to the higher power to guide you and to protect you. Keep your loved ones close, take nothing for granted, love and be grateful for life’s simple pleasures, remembering to be grateful saying thank you for being here, and to experience the moment.

The choice is, allowing yourself to become bitter by all what’s going on in the world or we can have faith and pray for direction and strength that we so desperately need.

Trying to make sense of all the lives being lost, and maybe we never will, but the true test is not what is dealt to us, but how we choose to handle it. I have come to realize that love truly conquers all in every situation. The most powerful weapons are not the guns or the explosives or even the prejudice, it’s that love is more powerful than hate.

When there is love, there is peace.

Wishing you all a happy and safe summer.

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Meditation is so important but many of us don’t nearly practice it as often as we should. It’s to tap into the spirit from within. Many of us get caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle of life’s overwhelming hectic schedule. You should take time out each and every day to close out the noises and distractions that are around you and inside your head. When your mind is mentally still you are able to start to awaken the spirit from within. You can start out by lighting a candle and focus on the light or you can be outside with nature, or even in the shower. When you are still and you are relaxed, then you can focus on the inner voice inside you. Then reach out to your spirit guides and angels. Pray to them ask them for direction and protection.

Also, find time to be grateful and thank your angels and spirit guides for helping you and directing you as well. When you clear out the noise, you will be surprised of what comes through. You may make contact with a loved one who has crossed over, or you may get insights of direction you are looking for and you can ask the universe and visualize what it is you want.

When you are relaxed and your breathing is calm you will be surprised of what comes through. Then the nature of the universe will take its course. Meditation clears the mind and opens the soul. When you are in touch with your soul is when you become in touch with your spiritual level. You can do this for as long as you want and wherever you want. This works for everyone, even children. When there is a place to go and be still from within, then the magic starts.

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Contacting your loved ones around the holidays or just every day, start out by meditating.  Sit quietly, close your eyes, and invite your loved ones to show themselves.  You say say, “Mom, Dad, I love you.  Please show me you’re here.”

Look for the simple sign, a light that goes on or off, a dog barking at an empty space, a song that comes on the radio that was a song that they loved, or a familiar smell.

You have to meditate and not be afraid.  When you’re afraid or grief stricken all the emotions you hold builds up a brick wall and makes it hard for the spirit to come through. When you are not afraid and open to it, your loved ones will reach you in some way.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Passover and blessed Easter!

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Do you want to make an angel connection?  Meditation plays an important role in connecting with your angels and spirit guides.  It should be such a huge part of each new day. Start by clearing your mind. Each and every one of us has our own spirit guides and guardian angels. From the time we are born, we all have spirit guides, and angels that are appointed to us.

We need to acknowledge that we are never alone and when there is a circumstance and something tells us, “don’t do it” it’s not something, but someone. When we have a great idea, it’s our angels and guides that put it there for us. So every morning. focus on making an angel connection.  Meditate to ask for direction, guidance and protection for each new day and you need to be thankful. When you accept freely of conditions that are put upon you, then you will see how life does take a magical turn.

Stay aware you are never alone!

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