In 2009 I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. I remember after my surgery I had a hard time recovering. The following week, I had a doctor’s appointment with my thyroid specialist. My doctor told me, when he removed my thyroid during surgery he had sent it to pathology and it was indeed cancer. I remember hearing my doctor speaking to me but when the word cancer was mentioned everything my doctor was talking about was a blur.

learning to take the time to recharge my batteries. I have always worked hard, and I continue to do so as I love helping people and giving them the messages they need to hear.  As much as I love to work, I am finding my balance, in turn that gives me my strength. Finding your strength will in turn give you your purpose to what you should and need to be doing. When you are mentally and emotionally exhausted it does become foggy, or interrupted to what we should be doing.
Finding your happy place within you, is what I am talking about.

So how do we find that???

Many times the Holiday’s can be a huge struggle for so many of us without our loved ones with us. Understanding what our Loved ones truly want this Holiday Season is for us to keep their Love Alive. Here is my Latest Blog on this subject…Susan

Clearing out your clutter

Clearing out your clutter really has an impact on us not only in what is around us in a physical way, but on an emotional level it gives us from within.  Many times, my clients ask me how do they go on without their loved ones??? They don’t know how to be, it’s very sad to see someone in so much pain. It can be very paralyzing to say the least. You feel like your arm has been amputated without the anesthetic, it’s grueling and very real all at once. Once you get past the shock that your loved one is gone then there is the vision of them everywhere in your living space. You don’t want to move anything even where your loved one last put their shoes or tossed their jacket. You want to preserve every object as they left it, because moving it represents a certain disloyalty like you have moved on.


The truth is your loved ones do want you to sort through their belongings, keep what’s precious and give away to others what you no longer need. In truth your loved ones do not want their rooms to be turned into a shrine and for you not to stay stuck or paralyzed permanently. Our loved ones want us to wear their favorite piece of jewelry or their favorite sweat shirt, feeling their everlasting presence but to clear out the clutter and start to make your life more of in the now. It’s not disrespectful to their memory to try to live your best self, to remember all of what was good. I tell my clients in order for the spirit to thrive we have to live our best self because they are always watching and truly with us. When we are falling apart or cannot function their spirit cannot thrive. We owe it to them to remember and cherish and to celebrate their life.



The holidays are coming; so do celebrate their memory being thankful for all they have represented but most of all their love that continues to live on within us, and to continue to celebrate life. Decorate your home and fill it with all of life’s richest blessings because it truly started with our loved ones that have passed. It’s up to us to continue and carry on the traditions of love and life.


Wishing all of you a most blessed holiday season


Much love, – Susan Current Logo

My Awakening

The awakening that I speak of comes from my visit Last week at a community pool. As I was waiting in line to go in, I noticed there was a man checking all people’s purses and beach bags like you were at a security checkpoint at the airport.  As I observed everything, at that moment for me everything was put into perspective.

Not only was there a baggage check but it was a reality check for me, something so simple and so pure like taking your children to a pool, to swim and play freely now becomes tarnished with suspicion. I am not against what this man was doing given the nature of what is going on with our world, but at the same time it was an awakening for me to see what a world our children now live in. What our world has become, the suspicion, the possible danger, the fear of everyday activities has now become compromised.

Having faith can sometimes be challenging and as I have always had my faith in times of trouble and despair, I find myself clinging onto it even more so.

Meditate as often as you can to ground yourself, go out, get in touch with nature look to the higher power to guide you and to protect you. Keep your loved ones close, take nothing for granted, love and be grateful for life’s simple pleasures, remembering to be grateful saying thank you for being here, and to experience the moment.

The choice is, allowing yourself to become bitter by all what’s going on in the world or we can have faith and pray for direction and strength that we so desperately need.

Trying to make sense of all the lives being lost, and maybe we never will, but the true test is not what is dealt to us, but how we choose to handle it. I have come to realize that love truly conquers all in every situation. The most powerful weapons are not the guns or the explosives or even the prejudice, it’s that love is more powerful than hate.

When there is love, there is peace.

Wishing you all a happy and safe summer.

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