Reflecting on 2016


Looking back on this year it’s about reflecting and realizing what you have accomplished this year.

For some this has been a year in finding themselves with joy, getting that great job, a new birth in the family or finding love. For other’s it has been a difficult year filled with layoffs of jobs, diagnosed with illness, ending relationships or losing a loved one. What I have come to realize in my life is through a tragedy or a loss, you make a connection from within, to realize what the hidden strength you have had all along.

Tragedy puts everything into perspective and teaches us what truly is important, your spirit is awakened and puts us in a direction to where we are meant to go that earlier we wouldn’t have had the courage to do so.

2016 has been a year of connections, connecting of one’s self and where it will take us, how we apply our losses and turn them into a positive. As the old saying goes….” it’s not what’s given to us but how we handle it”.

As this year ends, for many of us this year is about conditioning us and taking us in the direction to what Is important. What I have come to learn is never taking anything for granted even the simple things, I remind myself every day to be grateful for what I do have.

As 2017 is approaching, for most of us we don’t know what lies ahead but what we do know is live within the moment, love with your heart and that love is truly stronger than hate. Every person that comes into our life is a gift or a lesson, allowing yourself to be open to what comes your way, starting everything with a positive instead of a negative. Knowing your limits and your boundaries and to give yourself a gift of loving thy self.

Wishing all of you an abundance of love, health, happiness and positive thoughts throughout this new year.

Much love and cheers to all!  Susan

My Awakening

The awakening that I speak of comes from my visit Last week at a community pool. As I was waiting in line to go in, I noticed there was a man checking all people’s purses and beach bags like you were at a security checkpoint at the airport.  As I observed everything, at that moment for me everything was put into perspective.

Not only was there a baggage check but it was a reality check for me, something so simple and so pure like taking your children to a pool, to swim and play freely now becomes tarnished with suspicion. I am not against what this man was doing given the nature of what is going on with our world, but at the same time it was an awakening for me to see what a world our children now live in. What our world has become, the suspicion, the possible danger, the fear of everyday activities has now become compromised.

Having faith can sometimes be challenging and as I have always had my faith in times of trouble and despair, I find myself clinging onto it even more so.

Meditate as often as you can to ground yourself, go out, get in touch with nature look to the higher power to guide you and to protect you. Keep your loved ones close, take nothing for granted, love and be grateful for life’s simple pleasures, remembering to be grateful saying thank you for being here, and to experience the moment.

The choice is, allowing yourself to become bitter by all what’s going on in the world or we can have faith and pray for direction and strength that we so desperately need.

Trying to make sense of all the lives being lost, and maybe we never will, but the true test is not what is dealt to us, but how we choose to handle it. I have come to realize that love truly conquers all in every situation. The most powerful weapons are not the guns or the explosives or even the prejudice, it’s that love is more powerful than hate.

When there is love, there is peace.

Wishing you all a happy and safe summer.

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There’s nothing to be done but keep moving forward when the going gets tough.  I rarely talk about the tragedies in my life, but, I have experienced my share. My husband and I have a wonderful daughter who recently turned 23.  When I reflect from the time she was born until today, it’s been quite a ride. When our daughter was 6 years old, she was diagnosed with verbal Autism, Autism? I had heard of it, but didn’t quite understand what that meant. Through the years we had countless therapies, various schools, special diets, and  far too much to list. I won’t go through what my husband and I went through but I want to talk about the feelings you go through when a monkey wrench is thrown into your daily life.

I remember when I got the news from the Audiologist that my daughter has Autism, I sat quietly and listened to the doctor, asked my questions, and left her office very puzzled. Now I could have been angry, or fallen into a depression, or even said why me? But I chose to fight, and find out everything there was to understand about Autism. I began to go into Operation Rescue Alex. I chose to be happy and help my child to the fullest. I got moving with my life. I refused to see myself as the victim.  You can choose how you see a scenario and choose how you will handle it. When I would look at my daughter, I saw a beautiful child, and today she has grown into a beautiful adult.

To me, it didn’t matter what the outcome would have been for our daughter; you have to love purely, and unconditionally, and keep moving forward. I always saw my daughter as perfect. When you see the positive, positive does return to you. Obstacles do come into everyone’s lives, but the key is Choice.  You can choose to let it drag you down and make you a bitter person, or you can get moving again. My husband and I have always chosen to keep moving forward. It’s not what you’re dealt with but rather how you choose to handle it.

That is the real lesson in our life time!

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