woman struggling with anxiety

Struggling with Anxiety? Trust in a Higher Power

There are so many people who suffer from anxiety including myself.  Yes, I do as well!  What I have learned throughout the years is anxiety is real, and it is constant, but what I have learned is when you are … Read More

woman draw sunshine in sky focused on positive thinking

Positive Thinking: Power of Attitude

When it comes to grieving loved ones, positive thinking can be powerful indeed. When a client comes to see me, and they want to connect to a loved one who has passed, I find they are most focused on the trauma, … Read More

woman tunes into inner voice on sunset beach

Listen Up: Tune in to Inner Voice

Why is listening to that inner voice within each of us so difficult? I often see the real damage we do to ourselves when we simply don’t listen. l hear this so often from clients.  They know what they should do … Read More

man in rowboat navigating life journey

Learn to Trust Your Life Journey

In the quest to discover and understand our life journey, we focus on the dreams and expectations for our lives.  However, you’ve heard of the saying, “We make plans and God laughs.” A friend of mine posted this today on … Read More