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Are you experiencing a spiritual disconnect? Have you forgotten to laugh? To feel? To do things that you connect with? I meet so many people that suffer from depression but why are they depressed? Going to the doctor and taking a pill is a quick fix but will that really resolve what’s ailing you? I like to try to find out why and there is always a why.

Paying attention to your spirit is usually what most people don’t do for themselves. We are always worried to please others but once we concentrate on others and forget ourselves is when we are starving our spirit. When you stop doing what you love, you are coming up “emotionally bankrupt” resulting in a spiritual disconnect. Forgetting what pleasured you in the past because of all the “stuff” of everyday life or trying to please your spouse, your kids or boss creates a sense of anxiety and loss of self.  Losing yourself in the end is when the depression starts to set in.

If you are a nature person or a person who needs to be near water or you like to paint, to garden, or like the quiet of a small town and need time to yourself, loves music or loves to be with your animals, then you must start to get in touch with your spirit. When you do this, then you revive your spirit and that’s when your body starts to heal itself. To be happy starts with yourself first. When you choose to pay attention that’s when things start to become clearer. Doing things for people has its place but when you deprive yourself you disconnect with your spirit and that’s when your soul suffers. The key is to not let yourself become something you’re not.

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What is the journey of the soul after leaving here and crossing over? I am often asked, “What happens to people’s souls when they have behaved badly here on earth?” It depends on what each of us is here to learn. We all have our particular life’s mission, so when we have parents or members of our family that don’t treat us well, know that we signed up for this mission. As the old saying goes, “We can’t pick our family.”  Guess again. We do.

The big question is why? One reason is to give that parent or child a chance for self-growth. To step up to the plate or for us to experience what it’s like to be mistreated. The journey of the soul requires experiencing full circle every feeling and what that feels like for our soul. When I’m doing a reading, people’s loved ones come through, and for some their message is truly one of remorse and feeling so sorry for the pain they have caused. There is no pay back on the other side, but a chance to do it again, full throttle and to fully understand. I often say God gets a bad rap. He is not in the habit of punishing us, but to give our souls as many chances as one needs to improve our souls in each lifetime. It’s to learn and be as close to being God-like as possible.

In the end the soul’s mission, the true journey of the soul is always about love and kindness. After crossing over, the first thing we will learn is to experience every feeling– good or bad– what we had done to others on earth, to experience what we have done to them. To truly experience all of the pain and joy we have caused, to understand fully the serious wrongs they had bestowed to someone on earth.  Once that is understood we have peace, love, and forgiveness. There is so more anger; here we carry so much grudge, anger and discomfort.

Upon crossing over, it’s all about love, peace and true understanding. Here we carry our suitcase and it’s filled and overfilled with heavy baggage, of horrible emotions, anxieties, guilt, sadness and regret. We carry this around our whole life. What I try to tell my clients is it’s time to unpack. Once we cross over, our souls not only see but feel the tranquil calm of divine peace and love. There is no more baggage on the other side; there is only tranquil peace!

It’s not the task that’s given, but how you handle the task.

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