Timing: Is It Really Everything in Life?

I want to talk about timing and what effect it has on our lives. Did you ever meet someone and hit it off and start to talk about your younger days and where you’ve hung out?  Then you discovered that person
went to the same places and hung out with the same people as you but the two of you have never met. It wasn’t meant for you to meet until now.  That’s timing.

I’ve met people who went to the same high school together and much later in life their paths have crossed and they started dating and ended up marrying each other. But why didn’t they marry when they were much younger? Again it’s the timing.

Timing in Life Creates Life Lessons

The purpose to come together is when you both are ready. If you came together when you were younger it would not have worked out. There are reasons why people come into our lives when they do. For every good and even bad person we come to meet, they are there for a reason. Sometimes we are blessed with lasting relationships, other times we meet a nice person we can call a friend and then they slip out of our lives.  That’s because their mission was done. The same goes for someone who has been an enemy and there is purpose for them as well such as meeting someone nice through that person.

Everything is a learning lesson and the timing is crucial. There is a purpose for whomever comes into our lives, and it’s when you are ready for good, or bad to enjoy, to learn and to teach. I knew someone through a good friend but we were very distant through the years, just acquaintances. One day she encountered tragedy and that tragedy brought us together. She didn’t understand why this happened and couldn’t cope. Through her ordeal she started to grow in her thinking and how she looked at different instances. She was ready to connect to me on a level that earlier she would never understand.

People are in our lives for many reasons so the next time someone who may be in our life now, that makes no sense, remember it’s all on what you learn and the timing of it all and what it can bring later. What we are not ready for earlier, experience has made us ready for later. Every relationship we encounter is never a waste. We may not know the answers at that time but life has a way to invite the timing when it is needed.

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