Moved Away

So I met an amazing woman this week, Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen, She truly has a real gift. She’s the most inviting person I’ve met. She finally got me to listen to an old friend. It was amazing the details she knew. And the true closure she gave me. Because this friend meant the world to me, and when he passed away in January of this year, I had lots of unanswered questions.

Susan told me things only my friend has said. This lady Susan is the real thing. She gave me the peace, I needed to move forward with my life. And hopefully to help my friend’s mom go forward, I look forward to seeing her again. And hearing from my best friend in this whole world. I swear on everything, my friend was there that day because of Susan gift. She has such a gift! She made me realize he’s with me every day. I just need to let him in, and look for the signs.

Thank you Susan! I would recommend you to everyone I know. The things you said validated, things about his death, his life and so much more. The thing’s you told me could never have been made up. You changed my life and helped me connect with my best friend in this world. I know now I will connect with him one day. I will remember the wonderful quote you said, “It’s like he moved away, he’s still here, but just moved far away” Thank you Susan!