Susan Rowlen’s keen ability to interpret psychic energy is phenomenal.

I visited Susan in hopes of connecting with my mother who passed away 4 months ago, and also, my co worker who departed from breast cancer. I was searching for the person that would reunite my mother and co worker and I together when I stumbled upon Susan’s web site. Somehow I knew she would be the one who would interpret the information that I was desperately searching for.

During our session I had not made any reference to what my mother died from or what she looked like. Susan accurately gave me a description of what my mother looked like and what she had departed from. I was blown away. Susan told me that my mother visits my 12 month old daughter and kisses her hands at feet. (Jaw dropping)

My Mother’s message to me, “that we will all be together again” How happy she was that I had a little girl. What an incredible message to share amongst a mother and daughter relationship. My mother also gave Susan visions to what she’s doing on the other side .She spent most of her time in the kitchen cooking. Visions of her in the kitchen cooking with her pots and pans came through. Her message to me, keep her cooking alive.

To those who have lost a child or loved one remember that they will always be with you, and someday you too will be reunited with them. The pain of losing a loved one will never diminish. The longing to see them again seems ever far away. To be reassured that your paths will meet again is so worth the wait.
Thank you Susan for bringing my Mother and I together again if only for a moment was priceless. You truly are gifted beyond words. May you continue to comfort others in pain and allow them to see the gift of life.