I’m Sorry for your Loss

The sudden loss of my fiance was unexpected, tragic, and mostly incomprehensible. I experienced unexplained communications and was even more devastated. I felt helpless and began endless days of seeking answers. I looked on line for local contacts and reached out to several spiritual/psychic mediums. Susan Rowlen was the most compassionate and understanding. Her only knowledge of me was that I had experienced a great loss and I was having a hard time.

Susan’s first words to me were “I’m sorry for your loss.” I knew she meant it because I could see that she felt my pain and she felt his.

After meeting Susan, it wasn’t long before my loved one connected and provided me answers and reaffirmations, accounts and recommendations. His spirit was present and clearly communicating. There was great comfort from knowing and understanding what lay on the other side and to know what I had experienced was real. Truly Susan is gifted not only with her paranormal abilities but with the ability to deliver messages and communication with compassion and understanding.

For some people, receiving Susan’s gifts will provide well needed closure, for the disbelievers, truth as you have never known. For me, Susan has delivered me down the path of a spiritual journey I did not know existed until this great tragedy.

I am ever grateful to Susan for the compassion, kindness and knowledge she has given me, the lessons I have come to learn and the ability to begin to heal. Thank you