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Have you filled your life with givers or takers?  Throughout my life I’ve always believed in treating people with kindness and support in their time of need, and all around lending a helping hand unconditionally. But as time goes by, I’ve often noticed and wondered why is it so hard for people to do the same in return? To be there for you? Support you? Wish you well unconditionally?

Why is it so hard for some people to go out of their way for others especially when people have gone out of their way time and time again for them? My husband always says, “Shake the dead leaves off the tree.” He couldn’t be more right. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize it’s more than people who are there for you vs. people who are not.

Givers or Takers? Creating Balance in Relationships

Life is about balance and everything we do should incorporate balance. That goes for all relationships, whether it’s a spouse, children, brother, sister, friend, mother, father or boss. Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen

It’s important to evaluate whether our relationships are with givers or takers. Whatever we put into a relationship we need to be taking away just as much. If we don’t, the relationship will falter. It may take two months, or twenty years. But if the relationship does not incorporate true balance, the relationship in time will fail causing the person who is always giving unconditionally to come up emotionally bankrupt.

So keep in mind when someone who has always been there for you, to show them the same gesture in return.

So, are you a giver or a taker? When you question the balance of the relationship you need to ask yourself, “Is this the relationship you want to continue? To put forth the effort?” Sometimes the best thing you can do is to disconnect from the people who do not put forth the effort in return. When you shrug off the takers is when good actually comes through to you unconditionally. The real balance then starts to emerge.

I dedicate this article to my husband, a man who for me, has taught me so much in the way of true balance. He has offered respect for my happiness and has taught me mutual kindness, support and always well wishes. I continue to show him the same mutual respect and kindness. This is truly what it’s all about.

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Releasing negativity is essential for all of us if we are to move forward in our lives. Sometimes I come across a client who has had a very difficult time throughout their life. But the real question is what makes a person hold on to such enormous negativity? Sometimes it can be all the harboring of past lifetimes that he or she has experienced and has carried over to this lifetime. The many misunderstandings, the hurt, the betrayal and the strong sense of pain are what they are holding on to instead of making the real effort to change it. The negative person hurts himself or herself far more then they can hurt anyone else. When you finally let go, you are able to release negativity once and for all. When you are aware of the bad energy you can also put an end to it because what people don’t realize is that you hold all the power.

We need to be aware of how we use our energy. Releasing negativity can be accomplished by understanding the effects and harm it can do. When you understand it, then it virtually becomes powerless. For instance, when there is a problem in the home affecting one person, it’s not just that one person learning the lesson but each person living in the house is learning something as well. What we need to do more of is pay attention to the good people in our lives. Even if it is just one good person you are already ahead of the game. As the laws of attraction dictate, when you put out good thoughts you will get more good in return.

People know that they should do this but for some reason it is easier to harbor the bad experiences instead of releasing negativity and moving forward. If you focus more on the problem, you get more problems. When you focus on the solution, the end of the problem is in sight. You should try to learn from the past but keep the past where it belongs–in the past. Look towards the future and only then will you move forward. Allow yourself to be guided to a more balanced and aware state of mind. The key is to make sure the mind, body and soul connection is in alignment with one’s whole self.

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