woman practices meditation on beach

Mindful Meditation: Awakening Your Spirit Within

Meditation is so important but many of us don’t nearly practice it as often as we should. It’s to tap into the spirit from within. Many of us get caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle of life’s overwhelming … Read More

woman at beach resolving spiritual disconnect

Spiritual Disconnect: Rediscovering Self

Are you experiencing a spiritual disconnect? Have you forgotten to laugh? To feel? To do things that you connect with? I meet so many people that suffer from depression but why are they depressed? Going to the doctor and taking a … Read More

Timing: Is It Really Everything in Life?

I want to talk about timing and what effect it has on our lives. Did you ever meet someone and hit it off and start to talk about your younger days and where you’ve hung out?  Then you discovered that … Read More

woman jogs moving forward

Moving Forward Best Option When Going Gets Tough

There’s nothing to be done but keep moving forward when the going gets tough.  I rarely talk about the tragedies in my life, but, I have experienced my share. My husband and I have a wonderful daughter who recently turned … Read More

woman draw sunshine in sky focused on positive thinking

Positive Thinking: Power of Attitude

When it comes to grieving loved ones, positive thinking can be powerful indeed. When a client comes to see me, and they want to connect to a loved one who has passed, I find they are most focused on the trauma, … Read More

woman alone on swing

Meditating Matters When Grieving Loved Ones

Contacting your loved ones around the holidays or just every day, start out by meditating.  Sit quietly, close your eyes, and invite your loved ones to show themselves.  You say say, “Mom, Dad, I love you.  Please show me you’re … Read More