Cheating on One’s Spirit

cheating partner on bench

Is my partner cheating?  It’s a question I’m often asked when a client comes to see me.  I will counter it with “What is worse–your partner cheating on you or what you allow others to do to you?”People tend to focus on the act of cheating, but lose sight of the whole picture. When you allow not just your partner, but all those who come into your life or the people already in your life, to treat you with disrespect, this is harmful to your spirit.

By allowing people to take advantage or commit acts of hurtfulness, you are doing a larger disservice to yourself. You can have a spouse that never cheated with someone else, but cheats on one’s spirit in other ways. They cheat through everyday acts of disloyalty.

  • Are they there for you?
  • Does your partner support you in what you want to do?
  • When you are ill, does your partner nurture you?
  • When raising your children, does your partner have a hand in that and show an interest?

It goes the same for your other relationships as well–your Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Friend– to be in sync with your spirit and grow together.  So when you want to know about your partner cheating, think deeper.  It’s not a question of a single act, but many acts. It’s not 50/50; it’s always 100/100 percent. It’s important to be in total alignment with not just one’s self, but with each other.

So the question you should be asking yourself is, “Am I allowing people to cheat on my Spirit?”

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