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Angels and archangels do exist.  This month because it’s the New Year, I’ve decided to write about our sweet angels. For one thing, we have angels that are appointed to us from as early as conception. They stay with us until our life is finished here on earth, then walk us through to the afterlife.

We are appointed one or two angels, everyone is different and we get what we need. Angels have never been human, as much as we like to think our loved ones that have passed are now angels looking down and watching over us, in truth, they do not become angels. Our loved ones become our spirit guides and help direct us with decision-making, or show us signs and let us feel their energy.

Our sweet angels are here to guide, protect and direct us always. It’s up to us if we choose to listen, and to listen to the little voice down deep. When we get a feeling of something that is not right, it is because it usually isn’t what’s best for us. If it feels right, again our angels are giving us that feeling of reassurance.

seven angelsNow there’s also the Seven Archangels, they are what I call the “big boys”, the heavy artillery. Each of these archangels have a specific purpose. So you pray to each of what you need and the magic starts to unfold. But always remember to thank your guardian angels, your archangels and your spirit guides. When you believe and trust they will never fail you.

Seven Archangels

1. Michael – Protection and love
2. Gabriel – Governs the emotions, calms and helps with anxiety
3. Raphael – Heals the body, mind and spirit. Boosts energy and creativity
4. Uriel – Patron angel of music, brings warnings and greets you at the gates of heaven
5. Raquel – Safe travels, make sure everyone behaves and patrols everyone. Makes sure everyone gets along
6. Sariel – Keeps things in order with children, makes sure there is no mess and children play happily.
7. Remiel – Angel of hope when facing death, for hospice and getting ready to cross over.

When you keep them in your life everyday our guardian angels, archangels and spirit guides will never fail you.

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