From the minute we talked on the phone, I felt comfortable scheduling a reading with Susan. Meeting her in person just reinforced that feeling. During our hour+ reading, she hit on all the important issues weighing heavily on me. I got reinforcement as to unresolved issues involving my mom’s untimely death, at a very young age, due to cancer, that I had recently heard from a medium back home (VALIDATION). Then, considerable time was given to helping me understand my role in a couple of close family relationships that need my attention.
Susan was spot-on with her assessment of these relationships, without me even bringing them up. She gave heart-felt suggestions in how best to handle each of them. I have taken her advice to heart, and have started making the necessary adjustments in my life and with my loved ones to ensure I have peace of mind, as well as help them with their struggles.
Thanks to Susan, I have a calm about me that has been missing for 35+ years, since my mother’s passing. I cannot thank her enough for putting into words my feelings and support plans to help relieve my pain and tension. Thank you, Susan. Next time I’m in Chicago, I will definitely be stopping by for another visit!