Time well spent

“Susan has a warm and inviting spirit and thoughtfully delivers her messages with a smile. She did not rush, gave me her undivided attention, and was spot on with her evaluation of me and much of my family. We spent time exploring the questions I had, connected with my family, and discussed my young daughter at length. Susan brought up many personality traits in myself (good and bad) that I have and suggested ways in which I can use them to my favor in the future. It was very interesting listening to a stranger articulate things about me that I myself have never been able to put into words.

I came to Susan because I recently had an appointment with a well-known and popular Chicago medium. I waited a year and a half for that appointment and was quite nervous when I finally got there. Although she made some valid connections, I was so nervous I had a very hard time connecting the dots while I was actually in her shop. I left feeling like I waited over a year and spent a lot of money on something that was impersonal and ultimately unfulfilling. At the end of my session, I brought up the possibility of coming back for another appointment and I was given a look like that was never going to be possible because of her increased wait time. I then received an email a few days later stating that I ‘might’ be called if they get a cancellation.

Luckily, I know that Susan will make an effort to get me into her schedule no matter how many times I’d like to come back. And I do plan to go back. I may even bring my daughter to meet her as well. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone, near and far, who is interested in soul searching, family connection, and self-improvement.”