Patched Hole

Hi Susan,
I wanted to thank you again for my reading on Saturday. You saw me and my friend Veronica. I wanted to write a review that you could add to your website in hopes that people will be encouraged to use your services. I just wanted to say that you really hit the nail on the head and knew things nobody else could know. More than anything, you really understood my dog who passed in June and came through in the reading.

You were right. He couldn’t walk in the end, I had to buy him a stroller and he had a lot of trouble breathing. His sickness happened in the duration of exactly 2 months, the number you yourself knew. You reassured me that he is happy and in a good place and that means more than anything to me. You conveyed he was ready to go which I tried so hard to make sure of. You talked about past lives, deceased relatives and gave me wonderful, intuitive information about the present and the future.

I attached a couple pictures of Goliath so you could see him. You called him “Trusty” from Lady and the Tramp and that really was his personality. You said he was following around a little white fluffy dog. Thank you for helping to fix a hole in my heart since his passing.