I’ve been meaning to write this review (more of a thank you) since I saw Susan in September. I don’t quite know where to begin, but all I can say is that our hour together was life changing. I had never seen a psychic medium before, but was open to all that Susan had to offer. She allowed my sister and I to both sit in on the appointment, since we were looking for similar answers. From the moment I emailed Susan, I was impressed by her prompt responses and willingness to meet. She was straight forward and I felt immediately comfortable.

Once we arrived to the office, she greeted us and showed us to the conference room where the readings are held. She immediately started talking about an older gentleman that entered with us (my grandfather). She described him so perfectly that I was blown away, although I wasn’t totally convinced yet that the reading was going to be accurate. As she began describing my grandmother, she immediately answered questions that I had been asking myself for two years. the kicker came when Susan said that I looked like my mother (my skepticism started to kick in, as I do not think I look like her at all). She asked if she was still alive, and my sister and I broke down. We had lost her 5 months prior to the appointment. Susan sat there in silence for a minute, and began describing how my mother passed, what followed immediately after her passing, details about her passing that no one knew. The amount of comfort I felt leaving the appointment is indescribable.

I can’t thank Susan enough for the closure she brought to my sister and I. I look forward to another reading.