Susan Rowlen is a remarkable woman dedicated to helping others through her genuine and accurate psychic gifts. I recently consulted her regarding a personal question that I had. I had made a choice that on the surface seemed crazy to make however my own intuition had guided me.

I wanted validation of this decision, and consulted Susan. Not only did she immediately understand my situation, she accurately described it and gave reasoning for making the decision I made. The details she gave me were specific and it would not be possible for her to guess or otherwise know.

This validation that I had indeed made the right choice eliminated the doubt and uncertainty I had been feeling, and allowed me to move forward with confidence. A bonus was that she also was able to bring messages to me from relatives who have passed that were both life affirming, consoling and downright funny!

I highly recommend her services. The one hour consultation was well worth the money and I will certainly consult her again in the future if I ever feel or have the need.