I had lost my uncle suddenly and there was much turmoil after his death and I was drawn to contact a medium. I had contacted several and was drawn to Susan immediately. My sister and I had met with her and just told her that our uncle had passed and there were many unanswered questions and things were not as he had said. It was like she had live our life alongside us. She knew so many different dynamics of the circumstances it was surreal.

Since that first meeting, I can’t imagine my life without Susan. She is like our own angel on earth. She has helped with my uncle’s untimely death as well as with my own personal life and growth. She has so much love and such a special gift. She is truly amazing. I am so blessed to have met her and fortunate to have the ability to consult her. I always read reviews, but hardly ever take the time to write them. Her gift is real and I cannot recommend her enough. She has touched my life and I am truly thankful.