I lost my Mom a year ago and it threw my anxiety and depression off making them worse. I decided I needed help since therapy and the medicine they have me on really wasn’t helping much. I was hurting so much emotionally.

Susan Rowlen is Amazing! she is so warm and kind and puts you at ease. Susan didn’t know anything about me and was able to tell me how each sibling’s personality was, which not to many people know unless they are close friends and family and She was able to connect to my Mom and my Grandpa (my Moms Dad), who I never had a chance to meet because he passed way before I was born.

Susan not only was able to help me talk to my Mom again but she was able to help me with other things going on in my life to help my anxiety. she was so helpful and if anyone is looking for help and is feeling hopeless and alone like I was, please see Susan she is really the best person to help you. She is someone I know I will be seeing and talking to when I need help or when I need to talk to my Mom.

Susan was able to help me in that hour more than two years of therapy has, and I am forever grateful to her. Thank You Susan