In 2009 I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. I remember after my surgery I had a hard time recovering. The following week, I had a doctor’s appointment with my thyroid specialist. My doctor told me, when he removed my thyroid during surgery he had sent it to pathology and it was indeed cancer. I remember hearing my doctor speaking to me but when the word cancer was mentioned everything my doctor was talking about was a blur.

Reflecting on 2016


Looking back on this year it’s about reflecting and realizing what you have accomplished this year.

For some this has been a year in finding themselves with joy, getting that great job, a new birth in the family or finding love. For other’s it has been a difficult year filled with layoffs of jobs, diagnosed with illness, ending relationships or losing a loved one. What I have come to realize in my life is through a tragedy or a loss, you make a connection from within, to realize what the hidden strength you have had all along.

Tragedy puts everything into perspective and teaches us what truly is important, your spirit is awakened and puts us in a direction to where we are meant to go that earlier we wouldn’t have had the courage to do so.

2016 has been a year of connections, connecting of one’s self and where it will take us, how we apply our losses and turn them into a positive. As the old saying goes….” it’s not what’s given to us but how we handle it”.

As this year ends, for many of us this year is about conditioning us and taking us in the direction to what Is important. What I have come to learn is never taking anything for granted even the simple things, I remind myself every day to be grateful for what I do have.

As 2017 is approaching, for most of us we don’t know what lies ahead but what we do know is live within the moment, love with your heart and that love is truly stronger than hate. Every person that comes into our life is a gift or a lesson, allowing yourself to be open to what comes your way, starting everything with a positive instead of a negative. Knowing your limits and your boundaries and to give yourself a gift of loving thy self.

Wishing all of you an abundance of love, health, happiness and positive thoughts throughout this new year.

Much love and cheers to all!  Susan

The gift of giving is never more appreciated than during the holidays. The feeling of warmth Christmas gives us is so special, it’s a shame that people only feel this once a year. How do we make it last all year long? Our parents and society teach us to go to school, get good grades, specialize in a career, save our money, find a mate, have a family, buy a house and occasionally donate to a charity. But what does it mean to make the most of what we have every day? It’s nice to have a bank account and watch it grow, but there are so many other ways to make the most of what we have each and every day.

GivingI have seen so many people posting on social media that there are people that are alone or don’t have enough to eat, but what have you done personally to make a difference? How do you extend the gift of giving in your life? If there is someone who is alone and can’t get out, have you taken the time to go to them? Have you picked up the phone, or buy a family presents that they cannot afford? Christmas reminds us of these simple acts of kindness, but what about each and every day?


Make Gift of Giving A New Year’s Resolution

As the New Year has approached and resolutions are being made, people are going to start to incorporate these resolutions in their daily lives, but when you incorporate what you DO want, also give up what no longer serves you well.

When you do this it becomes so much easier and so much more positive comes your way, which in turn makes it easier to do the right thing for others as well. When you give in the right direction, the right gifts come back to you on so many levels, and that is how we make use of what we have for all the right reasons.

So the next time you have an idea of how to better this world…GIVE

Wishing all of you abundance of blessings throughout 2016!

Much Love

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