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Testimonials & Client Reviews - Continued

All Comments, Quotes, Opinions, & Statements below are strictly those of the clientele I have served. I have in no way Altered, Edited, Suggested, or Encroached my clients opinions of me or what I do. – Susan Rowlen Psychic Medium

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Tough Situation

Susan is amazing! She honestly hit the nail right on the head and gave me a lot of clarity on a tough situation in my life. She has very great energy, and I’d recommend her to anyone! You don’t need to be worried about “hearing something you don’t want to,” because she is very sweet and gentle. She only told me things regarding the matter I came in for, and told me things in a reassuring constructive way. She’s amazing!

Katie S. Bensenville, IL  10/28/2016

Forever Changed

I was completely and utterly taken back by her ability to tap into so many aspects of myself and people in my life.  Her advice made me change the way I looked at myself and the ways I interact with others and the world around me.  She has the kindest and truest spirit that I have ever met. I will be forever changed by our meeting.

Kelly N. Westchester, IL  10/24/2016

Time will tell

Susan was very welcoming and friendly the moment I met her, she made me feel comfortable during the reading. She immediately connected with my grandma who passed away around this time of year. She was able to pick up on the way my grandma looked and how she felt about me. She was able to pick up on the person I am and gave me great advice. Susan was also able to describe my parents and how they are, as well as my brother. Thank you, Susan, for the reading I feel at peace knowing that my grandma is in no more pain. Time will tell if Susan’s predictions about my future come true!

Jessica L. Chicago, IL  10/23/2016


I’ve been meaning to write this review (more of a thank you) since I saw Susan in September.  I don’t quite know where to begin, but all I can say is that our hour together was life changing.  I had never seen a psychic medium before, but was open to all that Susan had to offer.  She allowed my sister and I to both sit in on the appointment, since we were looking for similar answers.  From the moment I emailed Susan, I was impressed by her prompt responses and willingness to meet. She was straight forward and I felt immediately comfortable.

Once we arrived to the office, she greeted us and showed us to the conference room where the readings are held.  She immediately started talking about an older gentleman that entered with us (my grandfather).  She described him so perfectly that I was blown away, although I wasn’t totally convinced yet that the reading was going to be accurate.  As she began describing my grandmother, she immediately answered questions that I had been asking myself for two years. the kicker came when Susan said that I looked like my mother (my skepticism started to kick in, as I do not think I look like her at all).  She asked if she was still alive, and my sister and I broke down.  We had lost her 5 months prior to the appointment.  Susan sat there in silence for a minute, and began describing how my mother passed, what followed immediately after her passing, details about her passing that no one knew. The amount of comfort I felt leaving the appointment is indescribable.

I can’t thank Susan enough for the closure she brought to my sister and I.  I look forward to another reading.

Emily M. Chicago, IL  10/18/2016

How did she Know?

Susan truly has an amazing gift. From the moment, I met her I could feel that she had such a strong and amazing energy about her. Susan told me things that no one could have known besides my Mother, and nothing I’ve shared with anyone else. One thing I do want to point out is there were a couple things she mentioned that I couldn’t pin point initially but as soon as I left I started reflecting on it, I started making more connections and a lot of what she said was SO spot on.

At one point during the reading she said ‘Your grandmother keeps asking about the ring…. the ring…. your mom isn’t wearing the ring’ and I thought I remembered my mom having a ring of my grandmothers and thought she was actually wearing it. I called my mom later and asked her ‘Hey, don’t you have one of grandma’s rings?’. My mom initially said ‘No, when I was a kid I accidentally got rid of her diamond ring…. oh, wait…. I do still have her wedding ring’ so I asked her if she was wearing it and she told me how she used to wear it all the time but didn’t anymore. I was in just in awe of that. How else could she know about that?

The thing I love about Susan is that she really makes it your reading and it’s all about you and she even allowed me to record it. I love that she’s in a professional office building and her office is very comfortable and she makes you feel right at home from the get go. I was so nervous to meet with her but instantly felt comfortable when I met her. I would defiantly see her again, I truly enjoyed my session with her.

Curt P. Arlington Heights, IL    10/13/2016

Far Beyond

Susan is far beyond a psychic. She uses her spectacular gift of knowing everything about you to help you see if you are on the right track. As long as Susan is available, there’s no need to live with confusion.  She doesn’t feed you facts about everything you already know. She knows what you’re facing and guides you to the path of the greatest good. She really, truly is pure positive energy, and she lifted my doubt and confusion, which has allowed me to live each day as I was meant to live it. Thank you.

Lindsey N. Chicago, IL  9/28/2016

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