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Testimonials & Client Reviews - Continued

All Comments, Quotes, Opinions, & Statements below are strictly those of the clientele I have served. I have in no way Altered, Edited, Suggested, or Encroached my clients opinions of me or what I do. – Susan Rowlen Psychic Medium

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From the minute we talked on the phone, I felt comfortable scheduling a reading with Susan. Meeting her in person just reinforced that feeling. During our hour+ reading, she hit on all the important issues weighing heavily on me. I got reinforcement as to unresolved issues involving my mom’s untimely death, at a very young age, due to cancer, that I had recently heard from a medium back home (VALIDATION). Then, considerable time was given to helping me understand my role in a couple of close family relationships that need my attention.
Susan was spot-on with her assessment of these relationships, without me even bringing them up. She gave heart-felt suggestions in how best to handle each of them. I have taken her advice to heart, and have started making the necessary adjustments in my life and with my loved ones to ensure I have peace of mind, as well as help them with their struggles.
Thanks to Susan, I have a calm about me that has been missing for 35+ years, since my mother’s passing. I cannot thank her enough for putting into words my feelings and support plans to help relieve my pain and tension. Thank you, Susan. Next time I’m in Chicago, I will definitely be stopping by for another visit!
Jeri K. – Davenport, IA

Go for it

My session with Susan surpassed my expectations. I was a bit nervous when I arrived as I had previous readings (not with Susan) that ranged from the very-generic to the way-off base.
Within minutes of meeting Susan, any nervousness I had went away. She was welcoming, helpful and insightful. She provided insight on things that she seemed to know were on my mind. By the time the session ended I was glad that I decided to give it a try. If you are thinking about a session with Susan, go for it.
Dee – Chicago, Illinois

Return to Orbit

When Susan opened her front door, she had the most inviting and nurturing aura that I noticed immediately. I went to Susan because I felt that I may have lost my way and questioned if I was on the right path in my life, especially without my parents’ guidance.

I lost my parents about a year and a half ago. I was 25 at the time and my life was/is thrown out of orbit. Susan not only confirmed my parents’ presence but channeled them in a way that I knew was them. She not only was able to bring to light my personal and professional struggles, but encouraged me and really lightened the path for me as it was unclear before.

Don’t miss an opportunity to meet Susan. I know I’ll be seeing her again soon.
Jessica K. Chicago, IL


My reading with Susan was a wonderful experience, I felt the spirit of my husband with me, knowing it was him by specific phrases he used.

Susan was very patient & was able to guide me through certain messages he was trying to convey to me. This is a great experience for anyone who has lost a loved one, to truly feel that you are loved, connected to your loved ones, & surrounded by love.

Thank you Susan for sharing your gift & using it to help others.
Susan F Chicago, IL


I didn’t know what to expect when I went to see Susan. I doubted she would be able to tap into what was going on with me. I immediately felt comfortable when I walked into her home. Susan is a wonderfully welcoming person. I enjoyed her as a person.

Not only was Susan spot on with everything she said to me, she made feel like an anvil had been lifted from my chest that I have been carrying around most of my life. I had a huge life decision to make and Susan helped me do what I needed to do.

I intend to spend more time with Susan, and I would recommend her to everyone. She is the real deal. Thank you Susan.
P.S. You probably know how much you have helped me.

M-Chicago, IL

Fore Told

I met Susan in December..what an enjoyable visit. She gave me ideas to think and ponder about my ‘lost daughter’, and actions I could take with this heart-breaking event in my life. In March, one of the events she foretold did evolve as a truth. She explained my daughter as I would know her. It was all true.

I would support any visit with Susan for any person: you will learn and feel through her intercession. I will be back again..only sooner than I had thought.

Regina Weber Chicago, IL


Let me just say Susan is a wonderful woman with a beautiful spirit. I was quite nervous before our meeting, but her kindness and comforting nature made me feel at ease.

I met with Susan in hopes of providing clarity to difficult events that had recently transpired in my life. Her reading affirmed that I’m on the right path, and the rough patch I experienced was necessary for me to find my calling.

During the reading I felt as though I was speaking with someone I’ve known for many years rather than minutes. Susan takes her gift of strong intuition and provides guidance to those she reads. She is a very special person, and meeting with her has the potential to change your life as it certainly did mine.

Liz Ripley-Southwest Suburbs

Clear Sailing

My reading with Susan was incredible. She has given me the direction and know how to embark on my spiritual journey with confidence.

If you are feeling lost or have lost your direction, Susan is the one to see.

Just one reading with her has put my ship on the right course again.

David ~ South suburbs…

I’m Sorry for your Loss

The sudden loss of my fiance was unexpected, tragic, and mostly incomprehensible. I experienced unexplained communications and was even more devastated. I felt helpless and began endless days of seeking answers. I looked on line for local contacts and reached out to several spiritual/psychic mediums. Susan Rowlen was the most compassionate and understanding. Her only knowledge of me was that I had experienced a great loss and I was having a hard time.

Susan’s first words to me were “I’m sorry for your loss.” I knew she meant it because I could see that she felt my pain and she felt his.

After meeting Susan, it wasn’t long before my loved one connected and provided me answers and reaffirmations, accounts and recommendations. His spirit was present and clearly communicating. There was great comfort from knowing and understanding what lay on the other side and to know what I had experienced was real. Truly Susan is gifted not only with her paranormal abilities but with the ability to deliver messages and communication with compassion and understanding.

For some people, receiving Susan’s gifts will provide well needed closure, for the disbelievers, truth as you have never known. For me, Susan has delivered me down the path of a spiritual journey I did not know existed until this great tragedy.

I am ever grateful to Susan for the compassion, kindness and knowledge she has given me, the lessons I have come to learn and the ability to begin to heal.

Thank you,  La Mont Gurnee, IL

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