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Testimonials & Client Reviews - Continued

All Comments, Quotes, Opinions, & Statements below are strictly those of the clientele I have served. I have in no way Altered, Edited, Suggested, or Encroached my clients opinions of me or what I do. – Susan Rowlen Psychic Medium

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I had lost my uncle suddenly and there was much turmoil after his death and I was drawn to contact a medium. I had contacted several and was drawn to Susan immediately. My sister and I had met with her and just told her that our uncle had passed and there were many unanswered questions and things were not as he had said. It was like she had live our life alongside us. She knew so many different dynamics of the circumstances it was surreal.

Since that first meeting, I can’t imagine my life without Susan. She is like our own angel on earth. She has helped with my uncle’s untimely death as well as with my own personal life and growth. She has so much love and such a special gift. She is truly amazing. I am so blessed to have met her and fortunate to have the ability to consult her. I always read reviews, but hardly ever take the time to write them. Her gift is real and I cannot recommend her enough. She has touched my life and I am truly thankful.

Debbie Chamberlain
Hubbardston, MA


The best thing I can say about Susan after our session is, she is for real!
I could tell immediately that she does not work through ego, but through a real desire to help people.

She told me things that nobody would know about my life and my family’s health issues. She helped me work through so many tough decisions. Susan will share insights that are fair and honest and most importantly accurate. I was very much at peace after my reading. Please try her out…you will be amazed.

Peggy Chicago, IL


I came to Susan totally not knowing what to expect. I had found myself at a point in my life where using my intuition was no longer enough. I was lost, confused and disconnected. I needed some answers and guidance. After talking to Susan I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I felt totally at peace.

She was amazing, and told me things that were totally spot on.My friend came with me to get a reading as well and Susan connected with a loved one my friend had lost last year. The things she was able to tell my friend have TOTALLY altered my friend’s life path.
Actually after Susan’s reading, we BOTH have started to change many things in our lives.
Susan really opened our eyes.We came looking for answers and we found them.
We left feeling stronger and at peace.

Thank you Susan – we will definitely come to see you again.
Maya – Chicago, IL

Spot On

Susan, you were incredibly spot on during my phone reading. I am a believer in mediums and psychics but I’m also a believer in you. I enjoyed my reading and will definitely contact you again. Thank you again.

Chris Tessitore Chicago, IL

At 1st Sight

My sister surprised me with a reading with Susan. I have never had a reading before. As soon as I locked eyes with her, my body was calm. My sister and I met with her as we had just lost our Uncle and had a lot unsettled feelings. Susan did not know anything about us, or our Uncle. Within seconds she started telling my Uncle’s story.

She explained how he looked and his very unique personality. Susan repeated things to me that my Uncle said to me before passing, as if she had heard our last conversation. Susan’s guidance and calming nature helped us to both find peace. Susan is a gift to us all and I am so lucky to have met her. I plan to fly from Massachusetts to meet with her again as soon as possible. I really can’t put into words how amazing she is.

Very truly yours,
Karyn M. Lukas Boston, MA


Susan is perceptive, intuitive and very encouraging during her phone readings. I found her to be accurate in regards to some personal and family matters. She offered helpful advice.
Rita Abraham

Mind Blowing

Susan, we met back in the winter. You said that in about six months, I would “see everything unfold in front of me” in regards to my current relationship. That moment happened today. Clear as the driven snow, clear as the day. Thank you. And absolutely mind-blowing.

Jerry Chicago, IL

On the Money

Susan is incredibly accurate with her readings. A friend of mine passed away in June and Susan was able to communicate with her and passed along some information from my friend. Susan is like a friend you’ve known for years. She tells you what is coming up in your life. The things she has said about me and my past were right on. If you aren’t a believer, you will be after a reading with Susan.

Tiffany – Southwest Suburbs


I didn’t know what to expect when I scheduled a reading with Susan by phone. From the moment she called I felt a sense of comfort in her voice. Susan is incredible and warm. She told me my daughter would find a teaching job as soon as she was finished with student teaching. Sure enough she starts her teaching job next month. Before I mentioned I was going on vacation she kept telling me that she saw a beautiful ivy vine in a terra cotta pot and asked if I had one in my yard. I told her I did not. When I went on vacation I saw the vine that she spoke about right outside the condo I had rented.
She also told me that my husband was having some health problems and that his condition would not worsen. His doctor told him that his lupus is almost non excitant.
I am now a believer. I will definitely call her again soon.

Thank you again!
Rebecca A.

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