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All Comments, Quotes, Opinions, & Statements below are strictly those of the clientele I have served. I have in no way Altered, Edited, Suggested, or Encroached my clients opinions of me or what I do. – Susan Rowlen Psychic Medium

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Wonderful Phone Session

I recently had a phone session reading from Susan Rowlen. I wasn’t sure how it would work since sometimes the phone can be impersonal. Let me just say all my doubts went away once we started talking. Susan’s energy is wonderful and she was extremely helpful in having me see things in a different light. She gave great insight and had valuable advice on next steps I should take to better myself. I truly recommend making an appointment with Susan as it was a wonderful experience.

Melissa, New York, NY


I wanted to share my experience with Susan Rowlen. First and foremost, I have to say how warm and welcoming Susan is. Upon meeting her, you instantly feel as if you are meeting with an old friend to catch up.
She is warm, kind, and inviting. I have now had readings twice with Susan, and each time she was able to connect with my sister whom passed by suicide. With my sister’s passing came so many unanswered questions, and deep guilt… Susan provided answers, guidance, and the gift of knowing my sister is still very near.
She provided insight on my personal life and gave me new direction. She let me know that my sister has peace and that I am very much protected here. I would recommend Susan to anyone who is seeking their own closure and direction. I know that I will be seeing Susan again, and cannot thank her enough for sharing her gift with us all.

Mandy Gipson – Southwest Suburbs


I went to see Susan for a psychic/medium reading the other day.
The reading that she gave me was exceptional and eye opening.

She helped me deal with some of the burdens that I have carried with me for years. Her ability to connect with spirit guides and angels is incredible. Being able to communicate with these spirits was a life changing experience.

Susan has a caring, positive vibe about her and was incredibly helpful. I am eternally grateful to Susan for everything that she helped me with during our time together.

I would highly recommend Susan!

KC Chicago, IL

Validation Told

I had a reading last summer, and you asked me to contact you when things happened to my questions. You were so right, we sold our house and I am with my husband. We found another house and it is truly a gift from God.

It is a house sold from nonprofit organization to help families with our income. Truly a gift. So thankful.

I had a difficult four years with my husband’s income decreased by 25 percent.

Thanks for all your help getting me through this, and I will thank God every day and show it to him by attending services.

Thanks so much.
Susan Gioia Chicago, IL

Had Doubts

Working with Susan was such a positive experience!

Not only was she warm, loving and understanding, her insights and ability to understand my situation opened me up to see new things and new possibilities for myself. She is a gifted intuitive and provided me with accurate information that allowed me to set aside my doubt. I was able to connect with loved ones who had important messages for me that I would never have otherwise received.

Susan also provided me with practical tools for me to heal and protect myself going forward – all the while honestly addressing my fears in ways no one else has. I highly recommend a session with Susan!!

Linda P. from Chicago

Love you Susan!!


My visit with Susan was life changing. I received not only messages from deceased loved ones but also a message regarding an estranged (living) parent. Since my visit with Susan I was able to reconnect with my estranged father of over 20 years and began rebuilding a relationship. Had I not visited Susan I don’t think I would’ve had the courage to do so. Susan is the real deal. I am part skeptic when it comes to physic mediums but always feel they’re worth a try. Boy, am I glad I visited with Susan. If you’re hesitant for any reason, don’t be. I promise you, you’ll be glad you saw her. My future looks so much brighter now. I have peace with the passing of several loved ones that I don’t think I would have gotten without Susan’s help. My heart has began to heal. I desperately needed help with the healing process. Thank you Susan! You changed my life forever!!!

Jill T. Chicago, IL


The readings you provided my friends, and I were exceptional! I feel grateful to have had the chance to meet you and get a reading. You gave me a sense of direction in my life path as well as uplifted the doubts I was having. I can’t thank you enough! I will see you again soon.

Bianca Murkowski – Southwest Suburbs


OMG, I absolutely love Susan, my new life coach !! She is so insightful, accurate , responsible , caring and giving!! Love her so much I asked her to come to my home and spend time with each of my friends… They were all delighted with the time they spent with her!! Heartfelt gratitude to you Susan, for sharing your God given gift!!

Sandy Dwyer Chicago, IL


I recently had the pleasure of having a reading from Susan. I found her to be a warm, inviting, caring, and enjoyable soul; and most importantly for my purpose, an accurate informative psychic.
Regardless of what your spiritual baseline is, or what clarity, issues, or direction you are seeking, either from the past, present, or future, Susan offers you some clear snapshots and answers from your spirit guides.
With Susan, you will walk away with a greater sense of insight, clarity, purpose, peace of mind, and love!
We all get clouded and confused with the ongoing chaos of the physical world, not to mention our ego. It is a great blessing to have a gifted spiritual soul like Susan to turn to when our awareness becomes confused or stuck, to help guide us back on the right path.
I was very blessed to have found her and so will you!
Tom S Chicago, IL

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