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Moved Away

So I met an amazing woman this week, Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen, She truly has a real gift.  She’s the most inviting person I’ve met. She finally got me to listen to an old friend. It was amazing the details she knew. And the true closure she gave me. Because this friend meant the world to me, and when he passed away in January of this year, I had lots of unanswered questions.

Susan told me things only my friend has said. This lady Susan is the real thing. She gave me the peace, I needed to move forward with my life. And hopefully to help my friend’s mom go forward, I look forward to seeing her again.  And hearing from my best friend in this whole world.I swear on everything, my friend was there that day because of Susan gift. She has such a gift! She made me realize he’s with me every day. I just need to let him in, and look for the signs.

Thank you Susan! I would recommend you to everyone I know. The things you said validated, things about his death, his life and so much more. The thing’s you told me could never have been made up.You changed my life and helped me connect with my best friend in this world. I know now I will connect with him one day. I will remember the wonderful quote you said, “It’s like he moved away, he’s still here, but just moved far away”Thank you Susan!

Lisa Rankin
Northwest suburbs


Susan Rowlen’s keen ability to interpret psychic energy is phenomenal.

I visited Susan in hopes of connecting with my mother who passed away 4 months ago, and also, my co worker who departed from breast cancer. I was searching for the person that would reunite my mother and co worker and I together when I stumbled upon Susan’s web site. Somehow I knew she would be the one who would interpret the information that I was desperately searching for.

During our session I had not made any reference to what my mother died from or what she looked like. Susan accurately gave me a description of what my mother looked like and what she had departed from. I was blown away. Susan told me that my mother visits my 12 month old daughter and kisses her hands at feet. (Jaw dropping)

My Mother’s message to me, “that we will all be together again” How happy she was that I had a little girl. What an incredible message to share amongst a mother and daughter relationship. My mother also gave Susan visions to what she’s doing on the other side .She spent most of her time in the kitchen cooking. Visions of her in the kitchen cooking with her pots and pans came through. Her message to me, keep her cooking alive.

To those who have lost a child or loved one remember that they will always be with you, and someday you too will be reunited with them. The pain of losing a loved one will never diminish. The longing to see them again seems ever far away. To be reassured that your paths will meet again is so worth the wait.
Thank you Susan for bringing my Mother and I together again if only for a moment was priceless. You truly are gifted beyond words. May you continue to comfort others in pain and allow them to see the gift of life.

Maria Kirschner–Chicago

With great faith and respect for the gift with which she has been entrusted

Susan Rowlen provides sensitive spiritual counsel, direct advice, and truthful answers to the uncertainty of life’s most challenging questions. Her caring and nurturing personal, confidential attention gives the seeker a sense of calm and fortitude needed to overcome life’s obstacles as well as bring closure to unanswered questions

James Villa Chicago, IL

1st Time

I recently had a psychic reading with Susan. I wanted to take this opportunity to let it be known what an uplifting experience it was for me.

Being my first psychic reading, I was nervous. Within five minutes of meeting Susan, I started to feel at ease. Susan is an incredibly warm person. Opening her home & using her gift to help people in need of answers, speaks to the quality of her character.

I had been struggling with an undiagnosed health issue for ten years. I received very little help with standard medicine. I can only speak for my own experience, but my life hit a low. I felt buried under all the unanswered questions I had.

Susan knew instantly what I was suffering from. I had an idea of what I was suffering from, but I went home after my reading and looked up the condition that Susan mentioned.

The symptoms matched those of the condition I thought I had to a tee. I never would have found out if I hadn’t gone to Susan.

The weeks that have passed have been amazing, I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders. I haven’t felt this optimistic about life in a very long time.

Jason Arena Chicago, IL

100 lbs. Lifted

I met Susan a couple weeks ago. I didn’t know what I was getting into but, I knew if I didn’t do something soon I was going to break.I was so full of anxiety I was shaking, then I sat down with Susan and I felt as if I were talking to one of my oldest friends. She gave me answers I longed for and needed she was so spot on and honest, she told me things I didn’t want to hear. But I walked away from her feeling like 100 lbs was lifted off me. I can’t really explain it but for the first time since I could remember, I had a feeling of peace come over me.


Susan you made an everlasting impact on my life. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done, you’re an amazing person I’m forever grateful.  


Kayla Pocius

A Mom’s Gift

Susan, I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for your gift today to my mom. What an awesome experience for both her,  and my sister and I. I could just see the weight lifted from my mom’s shoulders about any guilt, sadness and worry that she has ever felt regarding the passing of my grandparents. You are truly a gift giver of the greatest proportions.  What you provide cannot be duplicated, and I will be forever grateful. We all will be.

Thank you so much again.

Very best regards-
Stephanie Fenters      Northwest Suburbs, IL

The Real Deal

Susan Rowlen has an incredible gift and she shares it with compassion and generosity. I consulted her for guidance and as a source of spiritual validation. She offered me genuine direction for the year ahead as well as for future years. She was able to offer me guidance about my family, career and important relationships in my life. I urge anyone looking for guidance on their spiritual path to consult Susan. She is the real deal !

Donna Laluya Chicago, IL


I lost my Mom a year ago and it threw my anxiety and depression off making them worse. I decided I needed help since therapy and the medicine they have me on really wasn’t helping much. I was hurting so much emotionally.

Susan Rowlen is Amazing! she is so warm and kind and puts you at ease. Susan didn’t know anything about me and was able to tell me how each sibling’s personality was, which not to many people know unless they are close friends and family and She was able to connect to my Mom and my Grandpa (my Moms Dad), who I never had a chance to meet because he passed way before I was born.

Susan not only was able to help me talk to my Mom again but she was able to help me with other things going on in my life to help my anxiety. she was so helpful and if anyone is looking for help and is feeling hopeless and alone like I was, please see Susan she is really the best person to help you. She is someone I know I will be seeing and talking to when I need help or when I need to talk to my Mom.

Susan was able to help me in that hour more than two years of therapy has, and I am forever grateful to her. Thank You Susan

Debbie Saunders Southwest Suburbs, IL


I had the greatest gift on November 2nd, 2013. It was all made possible by Susan Rowlen. I was able to hear from my recently departed loved ones. I had lost my dad, my husband, and my nephew all in less than 1 year.

Susan, not knowing me or anything about me was able to connect with all 3. I not only received comfort but most importantly peace. This peace I was able to share with my family as there was messages for all.

I am not one who can express my feelings well with words, all I can say is that Susan has a place in my heart and I thank God that He has blessed her with this gift that she so sweetly shares with us.

This peace and comfort my family and I now have allows us to know they are with us always and we can continue our journey here and we look forward to seeing them again.

Thank you Susan!

Yliana Morales Northwest Suburbs Chicago

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