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Intuitive Coaching

I have often encountered obstacles & problems that have come my way through out my life, but my Intuitiveness has always set the path for success! Susan Rowlen



Every now and then, There comes a time in our lives, where we could use a little guidance.

• Relationship / Love
• Profession / Career
• Work / Education
• Location / Relocation
• Money / Finance
• What path am I supposed to follow? What is right for me?

Intuitive coaching, and readings offer you a unique opportunity of insight to guide you on your path of life. Coaching allows you the opportunity to ask questions regarding any topic and gain a better understanding of what needs to be done to clear your path.

Please understand that it is not my place in this world to judge others. My place is to offer a connection to the energies that guide us through life, and provide you a clear vision to a future outcome. Your specialized reading will be done in a quiet place where I focus my entire energy on your specific questions. You can ask any question on any topic and I will simply tell you what I am told.

Feel confident that I am here to help with any situation, and your reading is completely confidential so please ask even those questions you would normally keep to yourself.

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