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All Comments, Quotes, Opinions, & Statements below are strictly those of the clientele I have served. I have in no way Altered, Edited, Suggested, or Encroached my clients opinions of me or what I do. – Susan Rowlen Psychic Medium

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Patched Hole

Hi Susan,
I wanted to thank you again for my reading on Saturday. You saw me and my friend Veronica. I wanted to write a review that you could add to your website in hopes that people will be encouraged to use your services. I just wanted to say that you really hit the nail on the head and knew things nobody else could know. More than anything, you really understood my dog who passed in June and came through in the reading.

You were right. He couldn’t walk in the end, I had to buy him a stroller and he had a lot of trouble breathing. His sickness happened in the duration of exactly 2 months, the number you yourself knew. You reassured me that he is happy and in a good place and that means more than anything to me. You conveyed he was ready to go which I tried so hard to make sure of. You talked about past lives, deceased relatives and gave me wonderful, intuitive information about the present and the future.

I attached a couple pictures of Goliath so you could see him. You called him “Trusty” from Lady and the Tramp and that really was his personality. You said he was following around a little white fluffy dog. Thank you for helping to fix a hole in my heart since his passing.

Sincerely, Caitlin B      Catlin & Goliath


Susan –

How can I thank you for the clarity you have brought me – not to mention the connection to those who are so dear to me that have passed. While the entire session was amazing not knowing at all what to expect I would have to say one of the most profound things you shared with me as I was having difficulty with a very significant person in my life was (and I quote): “This is who he/she is. Seeing him/her for who he/she truly is instead of the hopefulness and wishfulness that we so often do. You see when we hope & wish for someone to change or hopefully that they get it ~ we constantly set ourselves up for defeat. In truth, they are incapable of what we are hoping and wishing for. THE SECRET IS to see them truly for who they are ~ no more ~ no less. Because only then can we free ourselves from our own prison of the illusion we are creating.”

OMG is all I have to say about that. To finally get that in my life being raised by someone who always felt people should know better, reasoning why they did this or that – excusing the behavior that was totally unacceptable. How I wish I knew this 20 years ago!!! I am thankful for the awakening. I am thankful for the insight that has shifted my perspective on so many things. I am thankful for the opportunity of spending an hour with you. You are truly an amazing woman and am thankful for knowing you.

Much love always,

Diane M. (Oak Brook location)


Thank you, Susan! I feel the peace and evolution coming because I believe it. Just after speaking to you today, I have shifted from negativity towards Mark, to peace and love only in my heart for his future, and in the one day after we spoke the indifference I had for him I released, because that is the only way I will be free of him.

I feel like allowing only good feelings is making me feel lighter. I also truly feel like I can trust my instincts about people that do not have good intentions for me. You’re amazing and I’m so grateful God sent you to me. One day I hope you can teach me how to truly channel my intuition to help others too. God bless you, Susan!

Sara D. Chicago, IL


Susan Rowlen is a remarkable woman dedicated to helping others through her genuine and accurate psychic gifts. I recently consulted her regarding a personal question that I had. I had made a choice that on the surface seemed crazy to make however my own intuition had guided me.

I wanted validation of this decision, and consulted Susan. Not only did she immediately understand my situation, she accurately described it and gave reasoning for making the decision I made. The details she gave me were specific and it would not be possible for her to guess or otherwise know.

This validation that I had indeed made the right choice eliminated the doubt and uncertainty I had been feeling, and allowed me to move forward with confidence. A bonus was that she also was able to bring messages to me from relatives who have passed that were both life affirming, consoling and downright funny!

I highly recommend her services. The one hour consultation was well worth the money and I will certainly consult her again in the future if I ever feel or have the need.

Helen G. Chicago, IL

From a client email, that I had to share…Thank You

Hello again Susan,
It is so nice to hear from you again! I can’t tell you how it feels since I have left our session, I cannot stop thinking about everything. I have spent so much time thinking. I feel so good, I feel like you have given me so much clarity and understanding. I really needed that! It is so nice to hear about my soul, and who I was in previous lives, I’ve never given much thought to that but this is what has helped me to understand who I am and why my life is what it is.

I went out and bought white stick sage, I bought an abalone shell and ‎I read your articles. I feel lighter, better, I feel like I no longer have this sense of if I will be successful. I didn’t have a nice upbringing, I don’t come from a stable house and I’ve always wanted to work hard so that I no longer have to be in such a toxic environment. Now that I am an adult and in control I get anxious thinking that I will get nowhere in my life because my upbringing and the things I seen and was exposed to have been so prominent. I just do not want to be a product of that environment and fail.

All of my siblings are not doing great and I am so fearful that I will not be successful. It was great to exist in your energy, you’re so sweet and you handled my reactions so well, you uplifted me, supported me, you were there for me and I can’t tell you how grateful I am. I came to work today and my coworker said “Pam I’ve never seen you so happy”.

It was amazing to finally hear from my grandparents, I’m so happy my grandfather is in full health, they’re happy, it’s amazing! I’m so happy for them! My grandma had so much to say, I put my hair in a bun this morning and I just thought about you saying how she’s always w/ me Every time I do my hair, which feels good! I am still processing this session. I can’t wait to sage, I am excited to feel better and get rid of all negativity and energy that is bad. These solutions are great.

Once again thank you!
Pamela – Oak Brook, IL

The Time is Right

After looking at Susan’s website and reading her blog for some time, I finally made an appointment for a reading. It was long overdue! The reading was comforting, reassuring but most of all, healing. I have a sense of spiritual well-being that I have not felt in some time. To top it off, Susan is a very warm and caring person; I immediately felt comfortable with her.

Thanks again, Susan!

Mary – Indiana

My Cup of Tea

I had my private reading with Susan on June 3rd, and I have purposely waited to write my review. First I must say I had been struggling with many things for about 4 years now. There was an instant bond between us even through the e-mails. However when we met in person it was more like 2 old friends having tea and cookies. Susan helped me make sense of so many things and I walked away with a sense of peace that I have not felt for years. I finally exhaled as it were. The time we spent together just flew by but was productive but more importantly life affirming. All I can say it bless you and thank you.
Patricia J Anderson – Chicago, IL

Time well spent

“Susan has a warm and inviting spirit and thoughtfully delivers her messages with a smile. She did not rush, gave me her undivided attention, and was spot on with her evaluation of me and much of my family. We spent time exploring the questions I had, connected with my family, and discussed my young daughter at length. Susan brought up many personality traits in myself (good and bad) that I have and suggested ways in which I can use them to my favor in the future. It was very interesting listening to a stranger articulate things about me that I myself have never been able to put into words.

I came to Susan because I recently had an appointment with a well-known and popular Chicago medium. I waited a year and a half for that appointment and was quite nervous when I finally got there. Although she made some valid connections, I was so nervous I had a very hard time connecting the dots while I was actually in her shop. I left feeling like I waited over a year and spent a lot of money on something that was impersonal and ultimately unfulfilling. At the end of my session, I brought up the possibility of coming back for another appointment and I was given a look like that was never going to be possible because of her increased wait time. I then received an email a few days later stating that I ‘might’ be called if they get a cancellation.

Luckily, I know that Susan will make an effort to get me into her schedule no matter how many times I’d like to come back. And I do plan to go back. I may even bring my daughter to meet her as well. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone, near and far, who is interested in soul searching, family connection, and self-improvement.”
Lori B. Chicago, IL


Susan has a high quality skill set as an intuitive, interpersonal psychic medium. Susan gave direct and accurate guidance. In turn, Susan’s guidance provided great assistance with necessary problem solving tactics during a questionable time in my life (in regards to personal challenges). Her words were kind, calming and reassuring. Honored to have met with Susan and I truly feel I can build a strong relationship with Susan in the future.
Leah, IL

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  1. lcain61

    I was on youtube and saw your video. I was intrigue when I read your bio and you stated that you don’t use any ouija boards are anything like that. I don’t believe in any of that stuff, so that was refreshing to hear. I’m a christian so I believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. So, I lost my husband to cancer almost 2 years ago and I miss him terribly , we were together 35 years total and married 33 plus years, sometimes I feel like he right here around me, but I can’t seem to get a real clarification. I’ve dream about him twice since he transitioned on to the other side. He told me and everyone that he wasn’t going anywhere but he passed away a day later. I’m confused he was a great man { and preacher} with great faith in God. I just thought God was going to heal him instantaneously, but it didn’t happen. I’ve been stuck since he passed, don’t know how I can continue to go on without him, it’s been very hard. I believe that things just don’t happened out of coincidence because God is in control of all things. I need help. I just thought I would vent on your comment section.

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